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Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Favourites '13

So I don't often ever do a favourites as I always forget what I like, or I use the same stuff again and again, but this month I've been mixing it up. Its only a little favourites whilst I get into the swing of this, but there are things that I've reached for lots this month.

Nail Envy - For some reason, my nails have just been a mess this month. Their peeling, cracking and splitting, so I've gone back to using nail envy as the base for all my nail choices. I love this as a base, it helps the polish last for ages, plus I find the bottle lasts as well.

L'Oreal Colour Sensational in Electric Orange - For some reason, July has been the month of Orange. Orange nail polish, orange clothes, and eventually orange lips. I picked up Electric Orange at the Beds/Hertsbloggersmeet up and it was love straight away. I've worn it so much and always get complimented on it!

Hydroluron - This has been a long time growing love, I have oily but dehydrated skin so this has been great to smooth on before moisturiser to get all the moisture into my skin. I know its expensive, but its well worth the purchase - I bought it when it was on 3 for 2 so its not quite as painful parting with £25!

Origins Make a Difference + Combination/Dry - As I've said, I get very dehydrated skin, so at my free facial a while back the Origins lady suggested this as my night cream. I gorgeous cream that has helped so much to get the moisture back into the skin. I think this will be my day cream come winter.

Protein Works Butterscotch Ripple - Not beauty related, but this is a new favourite. As part of my fitness lifestyle change I've been loving Protein Shakes, especially the ones from The Protein Works. This one is awesome and tastes perfect when mixed with milk, I will happily have two of these a day they are that yummy!

So, those are my favourites, i really need to keep a note of things for next month. Hows your month been?

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