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Skimlinks Test

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wobble-Less Wednesday -Ab Attack

I have three weeks until my holiday & I can tell you, my abs are still very much hiding away at the moment - they seem to be a tad shy!

So with 3 weeks, I'm really focusing on Abs as part of my daily routine - its something I can do at home as well as at the gym, and lord knows I need!

I actuallally, strangley, enjoy working abs, its one area that I find respons fairly quickly, especially as its where I put on weight first!

Firstly, abs are 80% diet & 20% so if you want to slim your waist, then you'll need to look at your diet. Eating clean, reducing or cutting out processed food is the only way to go!

Now for the exercise - cardio to burn off the chub hiding those abs & body weight exercises to help tone those muscles.

Plank - The most effective exercise for developing a strong core. I love & hate planking. You can plank on elbows, full plank on hands, side plank, plank & twist, with weights, hot hands, the planking options are endless!

Crunch/Sit Up - Again, 101 ways to crunch/sit up. Lower abs and upper abs are two different areas & so need to be worked in different ways. You can crunch til the cows come home, but challenge yourself, get on a ball, add a weighted plate or a kettle bell, do something just not 100s of sit ups!

Beach body workout
Obliques - want that tight, tiny waist? Then you need to work your obliques/transverse abs - they help pull in your waist, giving you a strong core.  Twists, side planks, twist & tap with a kettle bell, there are loads of exercises you can do. I'm still working on this part, but slowly I can see a difference when I measure myself.

Most of us dream of Victoria Secret Abs, but they take work! These are just a few of my favourite exercises and areas to work, how do you work your abs? xx

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