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Skimlinks Test

Thursday, 5 August 2010

An Introduction!

Hey Everyone, so this is my first ever blog, and I'm hoping that it will be somewhere for my to vent as well as giving you the opportunity to find out about different nail colours and trends!

Ok so I'm a recent graduate from the University of Bedfordshire, I am now about to become a Primary School Teacher, just outside Watford. As well as that, I am also looking to move in with my boyfriend of 3 years and we a looking for a rented home together. I have no idea what to expect from my NQT year and so I'm hoping that by updating this weekly (or maybe daily depending on how bad I feel) to let you know what happens and how I'm getting on!

Coupled with this I love nail varnish and am always asked by friends where I got my nails done or if I wear fake nails, but I don't, I just have a real passion for nail varnish and nail products so I'm hoping to review loads of different nail colours and trends, and try new trends out as well as answering any questions I get!

Right, going to go now, will update on here soon!