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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Blog Swap! Guest Post Lost in Lipstick - Summer Essentials

Hey everyone, my names Rachel and I write a blog called Lost In Lipstick  I write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle so there is a little bit there for everyone! I was looking for bloggers to write guest posts on my blog and the lovely Sarah suggested we do a guest post swap. I've never written a guest post before so I hope you like it! I have decided to share with you my Summer essentials. These are the products I have been using throughout Summer, even though we don't have fantastic weather here in England! But we did experience a heatwave so we actually had a mini Summer this year!

Avene Thermal Spring Water - This is a relatively new product to me but It has been a Godsend to me during the heatwave we recently experienced. I did debate for a long time about getting a thermal water spray but I am so glad I have this one in my life. It just isn't the same as a regular water spray. As it's in a aluminium can, the water stays cool so it is always refreshing. It almost allowed my skin to breathe in the hot weather.

Liz Earle Eye Bright Soothing Eye Lotion - This has been in my life for about a year now but it became part of my everyday routine in June. I suffer from hayfever and it's the one negative of Summer for me. Every morning when I woke up, I would have to apply this to two cotton wool pads and hold onto my eyes for a while just to soothe them and make the puffiness go away. Even if you don't suffer from hayfever, it has been a lifesaver at those 6am wake up calls! Definitely one for those who are not a morning person!

Apivita Suncare Face Cream SPF 50 - In the past few years, I have become more educated in the effects of sun damage and it's not something I want to experience in my life! It is extremely important to wear sun cream if you're going to be outside for more that 10-15 minutes. I have recently started using at least factor 25 on my body (when I was younger, I used to settle for factor 10! Tut tut!) and at least factor 30, preferably 50, on my face. My face is the one part of my body that is always exposed to the sun when I'm outside and it's the first place sun damage shows so it's especially important to protect your face. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer Body Lotion - Since becoming more educated about sun damage, I'm not that bothered about a real tan, it only fades after all but the damage will never fade. Most days I embrace being pale but some days, I just prefer to fake it! Sometimes having a tan just makes me feel happier and more confident in myself. This is a gradual tanner but as I am so pale, one application provides a lovely bronzed glow. It can go patchy on dry areas so my top tip is to apply moisturiser to any dry areas you have like elbows and knees beforehand. 

Clarins Liquid Bronzer Self Tanning - I'm sure everyone has heard of this by now. I bought it in Spring and I have been using it throughout Spring and Summer. I use a cotton wool pad to apply to my face and neck at night time, once my moisturiser has sunk in. When I wake up in the morning, I have a lovely, natural, healthy glow. To maintain the tan, I reapply every other day. I have never experienced blotches or streaks with this tan and it always looks super natural. If you have beautiful skin, it's a great alternative to make up when it's just too hot to worry about foundation!

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint - I'm sure everyone will agree with me here in saying that during the heatwave it was just too hot to wear make up. However, I am not blessed with clear skin. When I have had to go out and it was a make up occasion, I would opt for this lighter coverage over a heavier coverage foundation. This has been perfect as it feels light on your face and has the added benefit of SPF 15. (Please note, I have not relied on this for protection when I have been sitting in the sun for long periods of time.)

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Blueberry - I am a massive nail polish addict and it's saying something when I have about 70 bottles but I re-apply this over and over again. That is what I have been doing since purchasing this shade. It is a beautiful colour, perfect for Summer, and due to the formula it lasts longer on the nails than regular polish. This is my second bottle of Barry M Gelly Nail Polish and I will definitely be purchasing some more in the near future. 

Bourjois Cream Blush in Rose Tender - Cream blusher is something I had never used before becoming a beauty blogger. My first cream blusher was from MUA to make sure I liked the difference from powder blush. After seeing all the hype surrounding these beautiful round pots of colour, I knew they would be my next cream blush purchase. Also this cream blush turns into powder on your cheeks so it's great for newbies! 

So there you have it, my Summer essentials. I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe I persuaded you to make a few new purchases! Make sure you pop along to Lost In Lipstick (LINK) and say hello! It would be great to meet some new people. I'm also on twitter if you want to say hello on there I'm @lostinlipstick. Thank you to Sarah for letting me write a guest post for her blog.

Rachel x 

Thank you so much for an awesome post Rachel, I may have popped a few of these onto my shopping list for my holiday! Make sure you check out Rachel's blog xx

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