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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Night Blogloving #1

Evening lovelies,

So every week I get lots of lovely people send me links after the #bbloggers chat so I thought I would do a round up of my favourites ones each week, and the ones that I've followed :)7

Running in Heels

Make Up by Elysa

I can't wait to read through all the posts on these blogs, can see I'm not going to get much work done over the next few weeks! 

Have you found any great new blogs tonight? 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter

Afternoon lovelies

So now I'm back at school, its really noticeable how quickly the weather has turned, it certainly a lot colder when I'm out on playground duty!

This means that my skin is feeling a lot dryer so I've been trying out some of the body butters in my stash. I must admit that I'm awful at remembering to moisturise, but I'm desperate to cling onto any traces of the tan I got over the summer.

My current go to Body Butter is from The Body Shop. I love that this is a thick body butter, ideal for the colder winter months. 
I put this on after showers, especially in the evenings.

The passion fruit scent isn't too overpowering, however it does linger on the skin throughout the day. 

This is the 200ml pot which retails for £13.00 but this does last ages, with a wide range of flavours :) 

Any other recommendations for flavours to try? xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

NOTD - Models Own Copper Pot

Afternoon lovelies

Another day and another polish from Models Own. I think this year it has been all about Models Own and their collections, especially this summer. One collection that has really stood out has been the Beetle Juice collection, and from this we have Copper Pot

Copper Pot is a duo-chrome polish with copper and gold flashes. Its really flattering on the nail, however I would have worn it with longer nails had I not broken two!

The formula was exactly what I expected of Models Own, a creamy formula that was opaque in two coats and lasted 5 days before really showing much wear on my nails. 

I sometimes worry with duo-chrome or metallics as they can show all the flaws on the nail however this doesn't, instead leaving the nail smooth.

As ever, a bargainous £5 bottle of wonderfull-ness that I think I will be wearing during the Autumn as the leaves start to change colour.

Have you tried this colour, or any other colours from the Beetlejuice range?

PS, don't forget to head over to the Models Own Facebook page and like it - once they hit 100,000 likes then they will hold their 50% sale again, and lord knows my wish list is really long!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask

Afternoon lovelies,

It's not often that I find a product that I dislike, I tend to research what I want before I buy, but occasionally one will crop up, especially when I think of the amount of products I do have!

Glamour magazine often have some of the best freebies out of most magazines, and one month it was a product from Percy & Reed. It's not a brand I've ever heard of, but hair care is fairly new to me as far as brands go, but out of the choices I opted for the hydrating mask, who doesn't need a little hydration now and then?

I forgot about this for a while, until I found it in a recent clear out and thought I would give it a go, especially now I have dip dyed the ends of my hair and it is crying out for some love.

Well...I have never been so frustrated and disappointed with a product. I followed the instructions of shampooing my hair and then putting this on, wrapping it in a towel and leaving for a good 10-15 mins. I made sure I didn't put any on my roots, as they don't need it compared to the ends, rinsed it out and then left my hair to dry over night.

With most masks I've tried, this should have resulted in soft, smooth, hydrated hair...I did not have this, instead my mid lengths and ends were all greasy, as though I hadn't washed it all out, but I know that it was!!

I had to wash my hair again with a clarifying shampoo and it still felt greasy and icky, but I thought it was just me, left it a few days and then tried again, this time just on the ends, and the results...greasy ends?!

I know I washed it all out, I really took my time to comb it through and get it clean, but lord knows I dislike this product. Im quite glad I didn't waste my money on it, £17.00 would have been a real waste for such a rubbish product. I have thrown this out as it doesn't suit my hair at all which is a real shame, but I have plenty of other masks which work ten times better for 2/3s of the price.

I'm interested if anyone else had the same trouble with this brand, let me know xx

P.S Sorry some of these photos are a tad blurry - I'm trying some new things, a new back ground, new place to take photos, etc. Im curious as to what you prefer, this background, my window or the stripped background? 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

Afternoon lovelies.

So with the weather turning, I find my skin becoming a bit more problematic, with oilier spots as well as dry patches, both of which are accompanied by redness.

My go to moisturiser at the moment is one from Benefits skin care range. I've tried a couple of samples from the range, but this is the first full sized product I've used.

The facial emulsion is a smooth and creamy, oil-free moisturiser that soothes the redness I have on my cheeks, whilst sorting out the dry patches, but it's not oily on my skin. It has SPF 15 in it, which is great, especially over the autumn and winter months.

I love the fresh scent and the cute, retro packaging - I would love to have everything from the range sitting on my side table, it's so cute!!!

You get 50ml of product for £19.50, which is quite expensive for a moisturiser but I love that it works for my skin so when this runs out, I think I will pick up another one.

What do you think? Have you tried anything else from the Benefit range? Xx

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

17 Blowout Mascara

Afternoon lovelies.

I've gone through a lot of products at the moment and needed a new mascara. So when I popped into Boots to have a look at what was on offer, 17 had a new mascara.

Blow Out mascara claims to offer x12 volume, with a thickening, conditioning formula enriched with Vitamin E & Argan oil. Now I've heard of Argan oil for your hair but never for your eyelashes?!

I must say I was disappointed with this product. I thought that with the big brush, this would actually give my stubby lashes a bit of a boost...sadly not. Instead I was left looking that I had one coat of average mascara, getting no definition or difference.

I picked it up in brown/black for a more natural look, but it's less natural and more naked. To help, I've been layering this underneath my nearly dead Benefit Badgal to give it a boost, and it seems to be working but I won't pick this up again.

If you've had a different experience I would love to know, or have you had th same problem?


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Friday, 7 September 2012

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

Afternoon lovelies.

There's been a lot of hype about hair oils recently, with lots of companies bringing out their own version of the infamous Moroccan oils. I've been looking for a less expensive dupe for Moroccan oil and was recommended the Extraordinary Oil from L'Oreal.

The oil comes in a chunky glass bottle with a pump dispenser, and each pump dispenses just the right amount of product for my long hair.

The oil is really lightweight, and spreads really well through Both wet and dry hair, I apply one pump before I dry my hair to help protect and then another pump after I've straightened it to add shine. Although its lightweight, I don't add it towards my roots as I don't want greasy roots.

This leaves my hair smooth and shiny, and helps my split ends appear less obvious.
I think for the price, you get 100ml of product that lasts ages for £9.99, this is a great product that is a lot more affordable, but still offers all the benefits of a higher end product.

What do you think - have you tried this before? Xx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rimmel Santa Rose

Afternoon lovelies.

With going back to school, I've been updating my makeup bag ready for the new season. One product I've picked up came on a recommendation from Tanya Burr in one of her videos on YouTube.

Santa Rose is a gorgeous peachy pink blush, that gives a nice fresh glow to the skin. It's easily build able but very natural - think blushing rather then running for the bus! I find it to be quite matt on my skin which is great, and it lasts about 4 hours before it needs a touchup but I do have oily skin and touch my face a lot!

I love having this in my makeup back for school as its easy to throw on, using my Real Techniques blush brush along the apples of my cheeks.

You can pick these up from Boots for £3.99 and you get 4g of product which is a bargain. This is something I think I will pick up again when this runs out :)

What do you think? Xx

Monday, 3 September 2012

NOTD - Essie Nothing Else Metals

Essie is fast becoming one of the top nail polish brands of the moment, thanks to the diffusion line that launched in Boots and Superdrug this summer.

Essie recently launched their summer collection, a range of metallics, in some awesome colours, and when I saw them, I knew that no other polish would matter (sorry!)

Nothing Else Metals is a pinky toned lilac, swirled with silver which is really pale. It is truly metallic on the nail, however is quite difficult to achieve a smooth finish, even with a decent base you can still see some dragging, but that really is only on close inspections. The wear on these was ok, no chips until day three but tip wear appeared sooner, but that's what tends to happen with metallics.

I love a good metallic and this is one I will return to again. I'd like to try this with a dark purple half moon for a vampy winter take, but I'm not sure how I would do this yet - let me know it this is something you would want to see?

Boots - £7.99

Have you tried any of the metallics?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Models Own Blogsale

Afternoon lovelies, just a little blog sale, I have been having clear out in my polish collection and realised I've some home managed to gather a few multiples of colours that I don't need and haven't touched so I thought I would blog sale them :)

Purple Pearl - £2.50 - Rehomed
Nyla Nude - £2.50 - Rehomed

Coral Reef - £2.50 - Rehomed
Gold Rush - £2.50 - Rehomed

Vintage Pink - £2.50 - Rehomed
Peach Puff x2 - £2.50

Purple Haze - £2.50


Payments through paypal only
I will post once payment has cleared into my paypal
Free postage - I just want these to go to a good home :)

Let me know if you want any


Saturday, 1 September 2012

September Spending Ban

Morning lovelies, hope you well. Today marks the last weekend before we teachers head back to school, a new year, new children, new shoes. It also means I've spent far too much over the summer - far too much time to shop!!

When I saw that Jess over at is on a spending ban for September, I thought that this is exactly what I need - me and the boy are currently saving for a flat of our own and we need a winter car as the poor Mini won't cope if it gets too cold.

So from today, I am on a essentials only spending ban. This means that no new items, no spending far too much on nail polish - everything you see on the blog for September will be things I've bought before today.

Also, I will try and post outfits of the day over on my instagram, KnickersanNails, using what I have and mixing it up, especially for work :)

I might even throw in some money saving posts, along the way, but from today the spending ban has begun. If you want to join, head over the Jess's blog, leaving your name, blog and twitter so we can create a list!