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Friday, 9 August 2013

Review - L'Oreal Wild Ombres

I know its been done, I know every girl & her cat has ombre hair but I still really love it! I first had it done last September in a salon, but paying nearly £60 for what isn't even a full head of highlights I thought I would do it again myself. I've since re-ombre my own hair 3 times, but wanted it brighter for summer so went over it again with a lighter kit.

The L'Oreal Wild Ombre kits are so easy to use, really there is no real skill needed to get the right results. A week before I planned, I made sure my ends were in the best possible condition with lots of heavy duty conditioning and hair oils to give it the best chance as it is a bleach your putting on. 

You mix all the ingredients, wear the stylish plastic gloves and split your hair into two bunches. Now when I had mine done the first time at the hairdressers I talked with her about how to get the most natural look, she showed me how to apply it in different places, not on all the hair. So to get a natural finish, without the straight line that comes from using the brush, take a section and spread on the dye, then, using your fingers either brush the dye up a bit to blend the line. Leave some bits out and start at different parts.

Before - Old Ombre dark blonde with gingery brown
I prefer to focus on the front being brighter than the back, and starting higher up on the bottom layers so it looks ok even when my hair is tied up. Once you have used all of the bleach, played about with it, rubbed it in, I went over the very longest bits of my fringe so it all blends in a bit more. After that I wrapped the sections in tin foil and wrapped in a towel for 45mins - the instructions say 25-45 mins but I prefer to leave it up to 45mins as I want it quite blonde.
After - New Ombre
I rinsed the dye out, used the shampoo thats in the box and let it dry naturally. Once dry, I blasted  it with my hair dryer on cool and it looked awesome. My hair was a lot lighter, it doesn't feel dried out and I was pleased with it. For £6.99 this is awesome, I've never had any problem with it, plus its so easy to use - next step...purple!

What do you think, do you still like ombre? Have you had a go with these kits?

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  1. This looks lush! I've never had my hair ombred but I really love how it looks. Maybe I should get one of these I'm so fed up with how boring my hair is!


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