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Monday, 26 November 2012

Lush Bubblebeard Bubble Bar - Review

Afternoon lovelies

With the cold weather really taking hold at the moment, there's nothing better that a warm bubble bath, and then curling up on the sofa. All bubble baths need lots of bubbles, and Lush really are the masters of lots of bubbles! 

Like last year, Lush have brought back their re-usable bubble bars, this time in the form of a cute moustache!

Bubblebeard contains Cedarwood, sandalwood and tonka (I've since discovered this is an earthy smelling bean, learning everyday!) This smells so warm and inviting in the bath, if a tad manly but I don't mind, it makes a nice change from Snow Fairy. Even the boy likes this one, I caught him in the bath the other day, with a beard of bubbles!!

I've used this 5 times now, and bar losing its glitter coating, it still looks as full as when I bought it and I don't tend to skrimp on the bubbles, however I'm sure if you want more bubbles then me then I should think it will go down quicker.

 I think I will have to pop into town and stock up on these, as £4.95 is an absolute bargain!!

Finally - I couldn't resist - sorry for the blurryness!

Have you tried this bubble bar? Did you create a beard or a moustache?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bumble & Bumble B.b Texture (un)Dressing Creme

For the last few months, my Pinterest has literally exploded with textured, beachy hair - images of Blake Lively, Khloe Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, and I know the A/W 12 was meant to be about smooth hair, but that looks awful on me so I need messy hair!

Every picture that I've pinned always come with a link to products from Bumble & Bumble, especially their Surf Spray, but living in a small town makes it more challenging to get hold of so I've made do without. That was until August when Bumble & Bumble launched in  Boots!

So after much research, and in my quest for beachy, textured hair I headed off to Boots. After a full hair makeover from the instore stylist, I left with big beachy waves and a small tube of Bumble & Bumble Texture Undressing Creme.

Bumble and Bumble B.b Texture Un Dressing creme is basically a sort of terxturing paste. I use it to try and add a bit of texture to my hair because it's so soft after I've washed it, which  makes it incredibly hard to style. The cream has a sticky glue like consistency, but it doesn't feel sticky when worked through the hair. 

 After a bit of trial and error I  use about a 5p-10p sort of size and then rub my hands together so the product can be evenly scrunched throughout the hair. I personally focus the product on the ends of my hair and up to the mid lengths and then put whatever is left on the roots. I suggest trying to use less  and then slowly add more. If you add too much it can leave your hair crispy and dry and you'll more than likely have to wash it again! I then dry it and then sometimes run my GHDs over it, just to straighten out any unruly bits and I'm left with beachy, textured hair, with volume at the roots, however it doesn't weigh my hair down.

I bought the travel size 60ml for £9.50, and I use so little of this that this will last me ages, however I will pick up the larger size when I run out!
Have you tried this or any other bits from the Bumble and Bumble range? What should I pick up next?!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Boots Star Gift - Champneys Complete Home Spa

Evening lovelies,

With only a week to go until we get to tear open the first door on the advent calendar, I thought it was about time to start on X-mas posts - and today's post reatlly is an absolute bargain!

This week, Boots are offering this massive Spa set from Champneys for £24 - saving you £26!

Better than 1/2 price on heavenly. Champneys Spa Complete Home Spa. Only £24, was £50.

When I saw this in town last night - the man selling it (yes, they had roped in a man!) was wearing the shower cap, giving hand massages to shoppers! I don't know if his selling technique worked but it had a huge crowd around it!

In the set you get:

  • Citrus Blush Body Scrub (200g),
  • Citrus Blush Shower Gel (200ml),
  • Citrus Blush Body Lotion (200ml),
  • Skin Comforting Shower Cream (200ml),
  • Skin Comforting Bathing Milk (300ml),
  • Skin Comforting Body Butter (175ml),
  • Body Polisher,
  • Drawstring Bag.

All of these total more then £50, with some items only available in the other kits! A perfect gift for mums and mums-in-law this Christmas. You can pick this up at this price for one week only, instore or online! Plus Boots have one of their big Points events on this weekend - £12 for every £1 spent! 

Have you picked up any of the star gifts? What have you got for your mum? xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Review - Lush Party Popper Bath Bomb

Afternoon lovelies, 

We're well on our way to the party season, and it aint so party without a party popper or two! - What is it about thats rolls of coloured paper that makes us tie it in our hair like we're 8 again?!

Anywhoo, Lush have got into the party season with their very own Party Popper Bath Bomb.

'Pop in the bath and let's get this party started
This fruity, fizzy party piece is a movable feast of delights. Contains everything you need for a celebration in your own bathtub.
Drop a Party Popper cone in your bath and watch it spin into action, as it goes on a spree across your bath spreading colours, fragrance, popping candy and soap confetti.  Softening your bathwater, fragrancing your skin and washing you clean.'

I think Lush totally nail the description of this bath bomb! I filled my bath up and then dropped this is. It was so fun watching it whiz around the bath with a snap, crackle and pop as the popping candy sent the bomb whizzing about leaving a trail of blue and pink bubbles behind it.

Inside the bath bomb was a little surprise  with confetti pieces made from Honeydew melon, which melts onto the skin leaving it soft and smelling yummy.

The only downside to the bath bombs is that they don't leave any bubbles in the bath, but a good glug of bubble bath sorts this out, without killing the scent of the bath bomb.

I think for £2.95,I will be stocking up on these at my next payday! What do you think, a good party piece? What is it about the party popper streamers?!


Monday, 19 November 2012

Apricot &; Now Magazine Xmas Collection

Morning lovelies, hope you had a good weekend and got up to lots of fun things!

So last week the sign up sheet went up at work for the Xmas do, so now I need to find  my dress or outfit the night out! As if by magic, the press release from Apricot popped into my inbox, with a link to their collection with Now Magazine for the party season.

I've always dismissed Apricot as they only ever have the smaller sizes available in my local New Look, and I like to try on dresses as I don't like them too short! However looking through this collection, there are a few choices that I wouldn't mind having hanging up in my Wardrobe.

Gothic Lace Skater Dress
Gothic Lace Skater Dress - £36.00
I love that this dress is purple and not black, it adds a nice twist. The waistband is elasticated so should hold everything in without being too tight after a few too many vinos!

Mirror Lace Dress
Mirror Lace Dress - £39.00
This dress calls for a lot of Fake Tan!! I love the mirror print of this dress, anything that draws the eye to curves is good! I'd wear this with my Allegra Boots and Biker Jacket!!
Black Glitzy Shoulder Belted Dress
Black Glitzy Shoulder Belted Dress - £34.00
This is nice and simple as far as LBD's go, with the twist of the shoulders. The wrap front is better for me then some of the others, and I would love both this one and the navy one! This could so easily be dressed down as well for a daytime look!

There are 8 dresses in the collection at the moment, each of them designed to flatter and look gorgeous throughout the party season, and are reasonably priced really, with all of them being under £40! 

If you haven't seen the collection yet then head over to the Apricot site or check them out New Look.

Which dress would you pick? How would you style these three dresses? xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

NOTD - Topshop Khaki Nail Polish

Afternoon lovelies

The Military trend is really big this season, I literally can't turn a corner without feeling like I'm an extra in Dad's Army some days or being poked in the eye with a studded shoulder - and that's just my own clothes!

Following the trend, I picked up a khaki polish from the Topshop range - I love the quality of the Topshop polishes, and this one is no exception!

Khaki is a rich, green/brown polish that is opaque in 2 coats. I love that this is quite a dark colour, but it couldnt be more perfect. It lasted 5 days before really showing bad tip wear. Its quite glossy, so I didn't need to add the top coat, I simply did it so that it lasted better.

Sadly since taking these photos, this polish has vanished from the Topshop website so I searched through my collection and Nails Inc's Foubert's Place is as close a dupe as I can find.

I'm tempted to add studs to these to reflect my shirt - what do you think? Have you jumped on the military bandwagon? xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Guest Bloggers Wanted - Advent Door Posts

Afternoon lovelies, hope your well and enjoying your weekend

As a kid, my favourite thing about December bar Christmas was my advent calendar - I loved opening the door each day and getting the chocolate in a unidentifiable shape ( only Cadbury will do by the way) I think it was like a present a day leading up to the big day! So last year I recreated this on the blog with a Xmas themed post everyday on the blog - well I attempted to but it's quite hard without starting in July!

This year, I want to make it bigger and open it up to my lovely fellow bloggers to write a post about the most magical time of the year - who doesn't love Christmas. I'm looking for posts that centre around the topic of Xmas, but the post is your choice! Some ideas would be:
Gift Guides
Places to visit
The lists are endless!

All I ask is that you send the posts to me by the end of November so that I can get them scheduled. If your interested them let me know either on here, email me at or tweet me.

So, let me know :) xx

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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Origins Clear Improvements Mask - Review

Afternoon lovelies, hope your all wrapped up somewhere warm as its got really cold!

So, with Winter fast approaching, I've been indulging in a lot more skin care, especially as my skin gets a tad confused, especially with the change in temperature.

One thing that I've been loving recently is the Origins Clear Improvements mask. It seems to be the blogger essential, especially after Anna over at Vivianna Does Makeup raved about it.

Clear Improvements is designed for those of us who suffer from congested, clogged up pores as well as oily skin. It works by drawing out all the nasty stuff that clogs up our pores, whilst drying up any oilyness.

I use this once a week, whilst I'm in the bath. First I cleanse and exfoliate my skin, and then apply this, using an old foundation brush so that it spreads evenly without wasting too much product. This dries to a hard mask and you can see it getting into your pores - its quite gross really.

Then everyone's favourite bits, pulling faces to crack in in the mirror before washing it off and applying a layer of moisturiser for overnight loveliness.

I've had this for nearly 3 months now and having used it weekly, its made a big difference to my skin, especially my forehead which gets quite bad due to having a fringe. For £20 you get 100ml bottle, and you really don't need to use a lot so well worth the money. You can pick it up in store or on line from here.

Mask Marvels
Alternatively, you can get it as part of this set for under £30, and receive this, as well as the Drink Up mask and the Out of Trouble mask - so get that on your Xmas list!

I'm loving playing with skincare at the moment so are there any other recommendations for masks to try? How have you got on with this mask? xx

Monday, 5 November 2012

Models Own Wonderland Collection

Afternoon lovelies, 

First day back at school and already I'm on count down until the Xmas holiday - 7 weeks to go!

To get in the festive spirit, I've finally got my hands on the Models Own Wonderland Collection, and I love this collection, this has to be my favourite collection at the moment, simply because of the amount of glitter!

Made up of 5 polishes, they encompass all things wintery, from natural phenomena to traditional festiveness, I've been into Boots so many times to pick it up but each time it wasn't there! After nearly a month I managed to get hold of it!

Northern Lights - Painted over a base of Snow White, this is a mix of pink and holographic glitter pieces that is so pretty. It dances in the sunlight, refracting many different colours, and is very girly. This gives good coverage, with two coats over the white, but I'm sure you could make it opaque without the base coat

Southern Lights - This one is right up my street, silvery/lilac with the same holo glitter that Northern Lights has, this is a lot cooler toned. I prefer this one simply because I like purple more then pink, however it does highlight how pale I am, but this would look great on a darker skin tone.

Blizzard - Lots of hexagonal glitter pieces of varying size suspended in a clear polish, this is like when you have those snow globes and you shake it up! The only downside is that you do have to place the glitter on the nail but I don't mind for this pay off. I wish I had tried this over a darker colour but I quite like the white.

Jack Frost - If there was ever a more fitting name then this would be it. Jack Frost is an iridescent glitter that is very pearly, however I couldn't get it to photo how I wanted, but its lovely. This reminds me of the way the sun glistens off the frost on a sunny morning.

Add caption
Snowflake - Now I apologise how bad this photo is, I only had a white to swatch it over and now wish I had a darker colour as this is so pretty. Snowflake is tiny foil pieces that are torn up, suspended in the clear polish. Like Blizzard, you do have to place this on the nail quite a lot, but I can see me using this as a topcoat over a lot of darker colours.

So there you have the full collection - you can pick these up from Boots, or from Models Own for £5 each, or Models Own have the whole lot in a boxset with the top coat for £20 which you can pick up here.

I can see me getting a lot of use of of these, I think I'm sorted for the Xmas period now :) What do you think, which one is your favourite? xx

PS - How do you fancy winning this whole collection? Keep your eyes peeled for when I hit 200 followers!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Night Blogloving #4

Another Sunday, another week closer to 2013 - where has time gone!

This week the #bbloggers chat was really good - my wishlist is now even longer then before! I also discovered some more fantastic blogs that I wanted to share with you all.

I've sat and read loads of the posts on these blogs, cant wait to become a new regular follower!

Have you discovered any good new blogs tonight?

P.S - Fancy winning the Models Own Wonderland Collection? Keep a look out for my giveaway when I hit 200!!! xx

Friday, 2 November 2012

NOTD - 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish - Potion

Afternoon lovelie,

Thank god its Friday! I'm currently on my way up to Liverpool for the weekend, so expect to see a post on that soon. But I'm still very much in the Halloween spirit, and this polish is just perfect!

17 Cosmetics really produce some fantastic polishes, and when I saw this one in town I knew it had to be in my collection. Potion is a lovely gold duo-chrome that flashes bronze and green depending on the light its in.

The application was really good, this was opaque in two coats and it lasted well, with only tip wear showing after 4days which is great for the price of these.

You can pick up Potion up from Boots or for grand sum of £2.99 - bargain! 

What do you think? Have you tried this or any of the new polishes? x