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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

26 Before 26 Books - Jojo Moyes - The Girl You Left Behind

Blogging and reading blogs really makes me neglect my books, so I'm determined to read more as it helps me relax and sleep better, plus I set that as part of my 26 before 26 to read two books a month and review them. So here's my first review:

I picked this up after reading Jojo Moyes previous book ' Me before You' which I loved so I had high hopes.

The Girl You Left Behind is split into two parts, the first in 1917 France during the war and the second in modern day London. It follows how the lives of two women living 100years apart twist and turn and become tangled together. It explores the lengths people go to for love, as well as getting a second chance at love.

What I really liked was how un-stereotypical this is of the usual chick-lit I would pick up. Both women in the story are fighting for something that they love and will do anything to hold onto it, no matter what cost.

This was a nice, easy read that I could happily have read in a weekend if I had the time, and one that I would come back to again - if you fancy reading then I would recommend it, as well as checking out Moyes' previous book as well.

Now to settle down with my next book. Have you read any of Jojo Moyes's books? What did you think? Any book recommendations for me? Xx

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Monday, 21 January 2013

GHD Air Hairdryer - Review

Hi I'm Sarah and I'm a recovering hair abuser.

There, I finally admit it, I have abused my poor locks for a number of years, through bleaching, dying, stripping and everything in between. For years I would wear my naturally curly hair straightened to within an inch of its life - never drying it properly first, jut whacking up the heat to get it straight.

It's taken years for me to embrace my natural curl, but that doesn't mean I've turned my back on my love of getting rid of the kink.

With my old hair dryer starting to fade, I asked Santa for a new one, and Santa did his research and under the Xmas tree at my parents house I found the GHD Air Hairdryer. Now I'm sure everyone and their mums either owns, or have used the GHD straightener and as a member of the Club, I adore mine, no other straighteners have worked as well as these, so I had high hopes for the dryer.

GHD Air comes is this gorgeous box which is now its new home. Inside you get two concentrator nozzles (love that word!) which I haven't yet used, but are handy to have. The cable is similar to that of the straighteners, it's nice and long so I could move about without tripping myself up - I guess it's ideal for professional use.

Considering the amount of features crammed it, the dryer is surprisingly light weight, no arm ache for me! It comes with 3 heat settings, two speeds and a cool air blast function - all are so easy to use whilst drying my hair.

Now the question - does it really live up to the hype? In a word...Yes!! With my fossil of a Hairdryer it could take up to 40mins just to get dry but not smooth, yet 9mins in I realised that not only was my hair fully dry but not the usual birds nest - a quick whizz through with the straighteners and I'm good to rock and roll.

For me this is a real investment item, I adore it having been let down by cheaper items in the past so for me it's well worth the £99 price tag. If you want it then you can it it up from over at Feelunique and get free delivery as well!!

Yes, I know its expensive but it's well worth the investment.

Have you tired this? If you have any questions, or tips for using the nozzles (hehehe!) then let me know? What products do you use with it? Xx

A Belated Birthday post!

Last Monday (14th) was my second favourite day of the year - My BIRTHDAY!!! I turned the grand old age of 25, and was thoroughly spoilt all day :)

I thought I would show you some pictures from the day as well as the gifts I got - I don't want this to seem like bragging, I just want to share with you,

Spent my Birthday Pennies :)
Birthday Dinner
Birthday Outfit - Red Sequin dress :)
Card made by one of my children 
After Opening Presents
Birthday Breakfast
I was very lucky to recieve lots of presents, the boy did really well picking me out a jumper and tshirt from Topshop, as well as my much needed heart rate monitor and Ice Age 4 on DVD. From my parents I got a new Pandora Charm - would anyone like to see my full collection? - as well as tickets to see Shrek the musical in a few weeks.

Most people sent me money to spend on my camera lens and I'm so grateful to them as I could get my lens and have some left over for a shopping trip next month with my mum!

So, that was my birthday, not very eventful but its nice to just chill out. I was spoilt with 'Happy Birthdays' from friends and other bloggers, it meant a lot to me. Also, in case you didn't see it, I wrote a post last week about 26 things I want to achieve before my next birthday - I can't wait to keep you all updated with that!

Anywhoo, off to enjoy the snow, hope your enjoying it as well! 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Spring/Summer '13 Trends from Apricot

It may not seem like it, but in a matter of weeks spring will be upon us. Already the shops are starting to fill up with new season trends to tempt us to spend our pennies, and my wishlist is already starting to grow!

Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent a Lookbook from Apricot for SS '13 and I've had to keep it under-wraps until today! I have looked through this book sooo many times since I got it on Monday, and have post-it notes on everything I want! 

 Inspired by the swinging 60's, the shapes of this collection are very feminine, with cinched in waists, pencil skirts and monochrome detailing, I especially love the lazer cut dress for work in the summer!

 Blue has to be one of my favourite trends for the coming season, and with a selection of shades, Apricot have really hit the nail on the head. I love the Roseanna blouse which is longer line for wearing with shorts come the warmer weather or with my disco pants.

I want everything from the collection!!!! I love the the desaturated prints, the darker colours and the fact that studs and crosses continue. The dress and the jumper are on my wishlist with out a doubt!

I love Apricot, my Works Xmas outfit was from there and I love the fit and flare of the clothes, plus there is a store in Westfield!! To have a look at the full collections, head over to the website - - as an extra treat, if you spend £50 on the new season trend, you can get £10 off if you use TERRIFIC10 - I know what I'm going to be doing this evening!

What trends of the new season are you most looking forward to? Which outfit would you pick? xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Guest Post - Create Fashion trends for 2013

Afternoon lovelies - a different post here today, a guest post about all things fashiony to sink your teeth into!!! 

'Fashion trends are all around the world; anything can create a fashion trend from clothing to hairstyles and remember fashion trends do not last. Fashion trends are not created by fashion stylists only but it can be with everyone and the trends followed would be popular. There are many chances of the trend you noticed might not be the current one, it could be on the verge of expiring. So, if you do not want to fall victim to another hexed trend, try to create your own fashion trend.

As entering into the new year, most people might think either to stay on current trends or creating new fashion trends for the year 2013. Create your own trend; all you need is imagination of the design that you hope other wearing. Once you are sure that trend can create a new fashion style, expose it to your social network and make trend spread to the masses. The following instructions help you create your own fashion trend for 2013.

1. Tip1: Write down your fashion ideas if you have any else you can try visiting many fashion websites. Check most new and old fashions and write it down that is eye catching. If you find of 1960’s to 1990’s fashion appealing then write them down.

2. Tip2: Now after reviewing the existing and older fashions, you will get an idea on each of the trends. Create a list of all these ideas and write most details about the most appealing trend. Write how you want to change a particular fashion, you can do this by adding new features to the trend or by combining trends together.

3. Tip3: If you have been complimented many times by the people on your fashion sense, then you can add those memories to your ideas. Add it to your own twist; this can help you become a true trendsetter.

4. Tip4: Put together a portfolio, if you feel any amendments should be made to portfolio then go ahead. Create a portfolio the same way as you anticipated.

5. Tip5: You can now act as your own model and check how the outfit works for you. If you admire yourself in that outfit then show social network about your fashion.

6. Tip6: Create samples of your work and if you have any friends complimenting your work try making your friends wear that copies in public places. This can expose your trend to your friend’s network; indeed you will gain huge recognition.

7. Tip7: Try to take plenty of pictures of your models and upload them on social networking sites. You can even post photographs on several fashion and crafting sites. Try to brief out a professional look at your design and put a few suggestions to wear your unique idea.

You can easily be the next trendsetter. You need to carry your attitude and let your style and personality do the talking. It isn’t necessary to run with the world to create your impact in fashion; you can still do that by sticking to your tastes and creativity. '

Author Bio : Maria Benson, a blogger. Interested in writing articles related to various topics.
Previously she researched on ppi claims. Catch her @mariabenson10.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

26 before 26

Afternoon lovelies,

another year older, and time seems to be flying, I'm getting older (boo) and yet I never seem to achieve anything to show for  my age.
All from Weheartit
I've seen lots of post like this, and love the idea of trying lots of new things, so for my 26th year I have set lots of lovely  challenges and things to do for this year - I will keep you updated on how I'm getting on. 
  • Save £1000
  • Go to the beach
  • Walk in the countryside every week
  • Be a tourist in London
  • See a musical
  • Complete a project 10 pan
  • Complete a project bathroom
  • Take a photo daily
  • Read and review two books a month
  • Pay off my store cards - its about £500 now that I don't need as we want to buy a house
  • Visit Scotland
  • Save £10 a month for a treat
  • Cook one new meal a week from a cook book
  • Take lunch to school every day
  • Buy fruit and veg from a market regularly
  • Visit Harry Potter World ( I live opposite so I should really!)
  • Blog regularly (3x a week)
  • Bake something new on a Sunday every week - any suggestions welcome!
  • Visit the major cities in England (Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, any others ?)
  • Learn to make Dim Sum!
  • Be a better blogger - commenting on others and replying to my own comments. 
  • Make home made ravioli
  • Find a location to take OOTD 
  • Post OOTD posts
  • Write a hand written letter to someone
  • Shop my stash weekly
If you've written a post like this then please link me, or what other things would you want to do before you next birthday! xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Follow Knickers & Nails

Afternoon lovelies -

Just a short one today as its been a tad crazy getting back into a routine with school - it's always hard after a long holiday, the children take a long time to settle back.

But anywhoo - I just thought I would let you know the different ways you can follow my little corner of the internet or contact me - I love a good natter!

On Twitter - @KnickersanNails
Via Google Friend Connect - 
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Monday, 7 January 2013

Ombre Hair Care


So I've had a couple of discussions with people about how to look after ombré hair in the winter. I've had my hair ombré since September and in all honesty, I love it but it’s really damaged my hair. It's dry and brittle, the slightest puff of wind and it’s knotted up and I try to ignore the split ends!

I don't want to get rid of it, so I try and really care for my hair. To do this I have a whole range of products I love.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - before beauty blogging, I would never have considered higher priced product, however receiving this in a Glossy box has changed my mind. This is the second mini I've used up and I use this only on the ends when it's really dry - just wet the hair, pop this on and leave for 25mins before rinsing off leaving hair silky soft - split ends not mended but a lot better than before.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo Conditioner - I picked this up after Zoe over at Zoella recommended it for keeping brassy tones away. The purple toned shampoo removes brassy tones, keeping it blonde. The shampoo is quite strong so I only use this once a week but the conditioner is used twice a week. I've noticed since using them that my hair is a lot blonder afterwards, and it stops it going too gingery.

John Frieda Full Repair Deep conditioner - this is my overnight treatment of choice, just wetting the end of my hair, cover it with this conditioner and then plaiting it in, leaving it over night before washing it out in the morning. It leaves my hair soft and silky, looking a lot better.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil - this is my most used product, I even carry it in my bag to work. I put this on after washing, after drying, during the day and then just before bed. It leaves the hair nourished and smoothed, making split ends look almost invisible. Obviously I only use this on the ends of my hair, any higher and my hair would need washing more often.

Finally, there is no quick fix for this, it damages your hair because you've used bleach and no amount of treatment will cure split ends, only a good trim will sort that. I try to avoid heat too often, washing my hair using much cooler water, wearing it curly rather than straight and letting it dry naturally, overall it's manageable but I really need to look after it.

Do you have any tips for looking after ombré hair? XX

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year - Hopes & Dreams for 2013

Image courtesy of

Afternoon lovelies, I hope your not feeling too rough this morning? I spent the evening with the family, eating, drinking and playing Just Dance until the wee hours!!

As its the start of a new year, most people take this time to reflect on the year past and look towards the coming year and i for one am glad to see the end of 2012, for me it's has been a year full of stress and self doubt, never knowing if I was good enough and losing a lot of my extended work family, as well as starting fresh with a new bunch of staff and children at school. Instead of dwelling on it, 2013 is a year I hope is full of hopes and dreams, so instead of resolutions which I always fail at, here are my hopes and dreams for 2013:

- To become more organised with money, I'm going to try and think more before I buy and hopefully pay off a larger chunks of the debt I have built up, as well as saving more for the future.

- To get back on the bike, I'm looking forward to working out an eating right, watching my body continue to change and get stronger - 2stone is my goal.

- To learn more about photography, since investing in the camera I've learnt a lot but still have a long way to go so expect some photo type posts on here as well.

- Visit more places in the UK - trying to visit lists of places, aiming for once a month.

- Blog more and stress less.

- To buy our first house, the boy and I have been saving for nearly 3years and we hate renting even though I love our flat, it would be nice to have somewhere to put our own stamp on.

- Go abroad this year, would be nice to go away on a hot holiday but who knows.

I don't want to set too many goals as I often forget or fail at them, so these are hopes, if I don't achieve then that's ok. 

What are your hopes and dreams for 2013? Xx