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Skimlinks Test

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Workout Wednesday - One Song Workout #2

Workiut time! To go along with the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge, I've been loving one song workouts still, so I've written my own again, loved last weeks - so did everyone else so here's another! 

My current favourite song! 

Cash Cash - Take me Home.

Enjoy!! Xx

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Workout Wednesday - One Song Workout #1

So project summer body is on now I've put down all the chocolate and rubbish I've eaten the last couple of weeks, I'm starting small with short bursts of exercise rather than trying to go for a run straight away. I'm building up to more exercise, but to start with I've been loving one song workouts.

I've been doing 5 one song workouts throughout the day, having a mad 5mins in the morning, at lunchtime with some of my class (we have a mad dance around the room) one after school and then two before bed. I've found so many online and on Pinterest, so I decided to have a go and write my own.

Having a chat with the kids, we decided we wanted to write something using Happy by Pharrell Williams, we often use this one as a brain break in maths lessons as it keeps it fun, so I sat down with some of the kids and we wrote this, they tested it and you can fit it all in once if you go steady with it or you can get two rounds in.

I will point out, I am not a fitness instructor of any kind, I'm taking inspiration from lots of other examples that I've used, if you’re not sure of any of the moves, have a quick Google.

What song would you want a work out to next? xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Weightloss Wednesday - Nakd Cocoa Crunch

After a few weeks off of the whole clean eating thing, the layer of chub that ad started to go as slowly snuck back on and has brought a couple of friends with it! I hate how I feel, but instead of moaning about it, I'm back on clean eating and getting into a fitness routine.

First thing to sort was the kitchen cupboard. Living with the boy means that there are always biscuits or cakes in the house to tempt me so my snacks needed sorting. I try and have snacks which are higher in protein and fibre to keep me full, but buying Nakd bars every week from Tesco gets a tad expensive. When I found that I could buy the big boxes of them for cheaper than the smaller packs I knew I needed them in my cupboard.

I signed up to Natural Balance Foods and set about deciding what I wanted. As a crisp lover, I like something with a bit of crunch so picked the Cocoa Crunch bars. Very similar to the regular Cocoa bars but with added crunch, one of these with a cup of tea hits the spot in the morning. With 18% protein content, this really does help keep me going until lunch time, which is great as I often don't eat lunch until later on.

For £13.99 you get 18 bars, that’s 78 p per bar, cheaper in any supermarket, plus I have a good 3 week supply in my cupboard for when I need it. Delivery was free and I could track it the whole way here, plus, because my order was slightly delayed I got a free Banana Crunch bar, which didn't last long.

I've already been back and ordered another box of Trek Flapjacks to add to my afternoon snacks at school.

I can't rave about these products enough; I now need to decide what my next flavour will be. If you would like a 10% discount then leave your email below and I will send you a referral from the site.

What flavour would you pick? Xx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Boots April Wishlist

Boots April Wishlist

I've walked round Boots so many times this past week, meeting up with friends in town for a wander and a shop, adding things to the wish list of what I could buy all the things I really need!
Some of these might become mine by the end of the month, who knows but all of them will be mine at some point!

First up - Smashbox Full Exposure Palette - £36 , how gorgeous is this palette?! I've read every review that’s popped up in my feed, swatched it in store 4 times and had the MUA on the counter do a look with one but I've yet to part with my money. It’s such a lovely collection of colours, perfect for the types of looks I normally wear. Next, Ojon Damage Reverse Treatment - £34, my poor hair is very dry at the moment, having just added a fresh ombré to it hasn’t helped so I need something like this to bring life back into it, and also it smells amazing! Benefit Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector - £27.50, another product from Benefit, another one I've read every review of that pops up, this is perfect for me as its supposed to be perfect for oily skinned gals like me. Finally, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £4.99. The cheapest of the bunch but something I keep looking at as a replacement for Bioderma, something for in my gym bag to get ready quickly or just to take my makeup off quickly before the end of the day.

I think some of these needs to be in my collection ASAP, which bits are you after this month? Xx

Monday, 14 April 2014

NOTD - Maybelline Street Artist Top Coats

So nails, they were kinda what I loved blogging about. It feels like I haven't blogged properly in ages but moving and pretty nails don't go hand in hand but now things are more settled, I can reach for the paint again!!

So first up, I've wanted to use the Street Artist Top Coats for ages, especially now the weather is nice and sunny, these look awesome!  The topcoats are a twist on last years speckled topcoats, this time with the addition of neon glitter bits, I love that these look like splatters of paint thrown against a blank wall.

You could pick:
Alley Attitude - Blue Neon Splatters
White Splatter - Purple & White Splatters
Boombox - Neon Green Splatters
Urban Vibe - Neon Orange Splatters

These are worn over Models Own Hypergel in White Light, perfect for the blank canvas. They were easy to build up, it’s simple to place the bits where you want them on the nail, plus you can layer it up as much as you need. For £3.99, they're an easy way to update your nails for spring/summer; I can't wait to wear these throughout the summer!

What do you think? Which ones would you pick up? Xx

Sunday, 6 April 2014

M&S Beauty Discovery Event 2014

M&S Beauty Discovery Event

I don't often pop into M&S, only really if I'm stocking up on Percy pigs or walnut whips, as a kid it was where we went to pick out Nan's Xmas present, so I was very surprised when I went in on one Percy related mission to find myself standing looking at the Phillip Kingsley range in their beauty department. After a quick walk round, I found loads of different brands that are normally only available online or in John Lewis, some that I love and some that I've never tried before.

So to encourage people to try something new when it comes to beauty, M&S are currently running their Beauty Discovery event, across a huge range of products. Depending on the product, if you pick up multiple items from one range you then get a freebie!

Here is the low down on the deals:
- Free bag of minis when you buy two selected REN products
- Free dry body oil when you buy any two NUXE product
- Free gift bag when you buy any Murad product
- Free Illumin-ATP Radiance Starter Kit when you buy any two products from the Formula Advanced range
- Free Rosewater Mist when you buy a selected Jurlique product
- Free Optim Eyes when you buy a selected FILORGA product
- Free hydrating treatment when you buy a selected H2O+ product
- Free detox skin kit when you buy any two Skyn Iceland products
- Free cleanser when you buy two selected APIVITA products
- Free fabulous bag of minis when you buy any Bliss product
- Free anti-ageing serum when you buy any Crystal Clear product
- Free overnight oil when you buy any two Pure products
- Free gift set when you buy any Sampar product
- Free facial gradual tan when you buy any two St Tropez products
- Free wash off shimmer when you buy any two Fake Bake products
- Free body sun holiday gift when you buy any two UltraSun products
- Free self tan sleep mask when you buy any two James Read products
- Free serum when you buy any day and night cream from Formula Age Ranges
- Free body lotion when you buy any Roger & Gallet product
- Free gift set when you buy 2 selected Emma Bridgewater products
- Free shower gel set when you buy any two Floral Collection products
- Free body lotion when you buy any two Formula Body products
- Free hydrating treatment when you buy any H2O+ product
- Free Heart Pamper Set when you buy any two Ragdale Hall products
- Free mini gift set when you buy any two Global Escape products
- Free bath set trio when you buy any two Downton Abbey products
- Free candle trio when you buy any two Alice & Eliza products
- Free hand cream set when you buy any 2 Royal Jelly products
- Free hand cream trio when you buy any La Maison De Senteurs product
- Free hair treatment oil when you buy any two Josh Wood products
- Free mini volumising mask when you buy any Swell product
- Free Happy Hair Days Kit when you buy any two Philip Kingsley products
- Free tool kit when you buy any two Tara Smith products
- Free Ultimate Shine lipstick when you buy any two Autograph make-up products
- Free Kabuki brush when you buy any two LOLA products
- Free nail varnish set when you buy 2 selected Leighton Denny products
- Free mascara when you buy 2 Limited Collection make-up products
- Free Big Blink mascara when you buy any 2 Purminerals products
- Free professional brush kit when you buy any two diego dalla palma products

I have my eye on the Ren products as well as the Philip Kingsley products so I may just pop in and grab some! The deals are available until the 16th April, both I store and online. For more details, pop over to their site and make your Wish lists!

What products do you fancy? Let me know what you grab xx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March '14 Empties

March is almost over, and I must say it’s been a good month! As well as a few other things, I've managed to get through a load of stuff this week; it’s been amazing to see it pile up ready for taking the pictures.

So this month, I've got through loads of hair care and skin care, quite a lot of them have been samples which is great!!

I'm not going to list everything as there's a lot, but some stand out products I have to mention. Firstly, Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara, great mascara that really wings out the lashes as well as making them full and black. I've had this for maybe a bit too long but it’s great, plus the brush is fab, one that is a must for in my collection. Next up, Benefit Its Potent Eye cream. One of my favourites and I can't wait to not be saving every penny so I can go and get the full size. Another product that needs a mention is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, although I'm not trying to grow my hair, this is still a fab treat for the tresses. Finally, one of my oldest products is the Britney Spears Curious Perfume. This is one of the oldest (oops) perfumes I own, but I love the scent and I'm quite sad it’s all used up now.

So there we have it, another month of empties, and a good month it’s been!

What have you used up this month? Xx