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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Eyeko Mini Haul!

Ok, so as it's half term, I wasn't feeling in the mood to do any actual work so I felt the need to have a little shop and after watching a few youtube reviews, decided I would investigate Eyeko.

So on Tuesday I visited their website (  and placed a little order and bought 4 products and got one free!!
So they arrived today, and I have had the chance to play with them and I love them! So here is a mini haul and review for you all!

Eyeko Fat Balm - after watching a few reviews, I purchased two of the Fat Balms. These are really cute, they come in 6 flavours,all are SPF 15 and all of them are dual products. They can be used as a cheek stain as well as a lip balm with a stain. I love that they are so compact, but a lot easier to open then say the Vaseline pots. These retail at £6.00 each, quite reasonable really, and you don't need much to achieve a good colour, as well as being highly moisturising!

Minty Fat Balm - this is a light, frosty pink, very similar to the Rose vaseline, and it gives cheeks a very subtle pink shimmer. The taste is very minty which I love!

Raspberry Fat Balm - This gives a more berry stain to lips ( very similar to Benefits Benetint) but with better staying power. On the cheek it gives a rosy glow, which can be built for a darker stain. The flavour is a little artificial, but that is just my opinion. 

Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen - I bought this on a whim, working in a school means my eyeliner never lasts, but I don't have time to reapply that often. This comes in 4 colours, Brown, Black, Navy and Purple. 

The pen really appeals to be as it looks like a felt tip pen, and draws on the skin like a felt tip pen ( I tried to swatch but can't get it to come out clearly) I could really have fun with this, and for £5, this is quite reasonable for a product so good.

Eyeko Nail Polish - There are only 15 polishes in the collection, but at £3.50 each, it would be easy to buy all of them!

Cosmic Polish - After reading some reviews of this polish, I fell for it as it is a black (slightly addicted!) but has a real range of coloured glitter (pink,blue,green,silver. My only complaint is that is it very fine glitter and so the nail looks black when in everyday light, but under a flash, or in bright sunlight you can see all of the different colours. I only needed two coats to get it completely opaque.

Ok so those are all the things I bought, however if you spent more then £10, you could get the free nail polish that was on offer. This was the super gothic Vampira polish - a black base packed with fine red glitter, it looks great!

So that is everything for this post, I really like the brand, its cute and different and has been in magazines quite a lot recently and I think will really start to take off soon!

If your interested in this brand then use my voucher code to receive a free gift with your first order!

Eyeko Beauty - London's Cutest Cosmetics!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rumour or truth?

I must say, I am in shock. At first I thought it was only a rumour that has bern going around for ages but new reports may be confirming this as true!
There I was,going about my day,selecting what nail polish to have next (Opi - Diva of Geniva if you were wondering) catching up on the nail blogging community when news surfaced that the OPI company may be up for sale!
As this was an unconfirmed rumour,I didn't want to write this unless I knew more,so I spent some time digging around and have the story so far

Aug 2010 - report that the opi company is allegedly for sale,however the companies founder George Schaeffer denies these rumours.

Oct 2010 - Bloomberg reports on the 26th that the first round of bids have taken place for OPI's company,the main potential buyers Re Coty In - a multinational perfume company owning brands such as 'Lovely' by Sarah Jessica Parker and 'Princess' by Vera Wang. Other potential buyers are private equity companies. L'Oreal were also reported to be interested but not currently involved.

Now, I don't know how much of this is true,however if the company is bought out by one of these larger firms,I do fear that our beloved brand will face some big changes. I suspect that the already high price for this brand will increase, as well as how the products are produced, both Coty and L'Oreal are known to test their products on animals,which OPI currently does not!

I shall say this again,this is currently rumour, however only time will tell. If this brand is sold and becomes a brand that tests on animals then I shall no longer use and review it, my morals are worth more then nail polish!

Wow,this was a long,serious blog! The next wont be like this,I promise!

Friday, 22 October 2010

What to buy next?!

The plan was that with my first pay check I would top up my nail polish collection. That sadly didn't happen (although Ikea is very thankful) 
So with a week to go before payday, I need to have a think about what ones I want to get.
I'm ready to really expand my collection and get ready for the coming holiday season.

Collections I'm lusting after

I'm really tempted by the gorgeous China Glaze Tis the season to be naughty and nice collection - not all of them but I am really lusting after Jolly Holly, Party Hearty, Mistletoe Kisses, Frosty and Little Drummer Boy - all gorgeous colours ( for swatches google the collection!)

I really love the OPI Burlesque collection - I think it will be great for xmas and the colours are gorgeous - I love the whole collection but I'm a bit overloaded with sparkle this year, but I really love Teasy-does it - I feel this may be my next purchase!

I've seen a lot of press about Eeyko nail polish, they have a really fun range, and I have a few ones I really want the Cosmic polish, the swatch I've seen looks fab, a real starry night sky on your nails - just imagine a few well placed shooting starts as nail art! Or they have a gorgeous black jelly base with really finely milled red glitter in it, very sexy, ideal for Halloween!!

Those are just some of the wonderful things I want this month - think I will have to cut my wishlist down as I have to eat! oh well :)