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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

E.L.F Nail Polish

Finally it is the Christmas holidays, one term done as an NQT, all passed and signed off and now I can relax. The first thing I needed to do, was paint my nails with something new!

I'm all for saving money, especially when I have spent soo much recently on Christmas presents, so I was do a little internet browsing on some of my favourite sites, and I saw that E.L.F have a range of nail polishes, and at £1.50 each, I could hardly say no!

I bought two colours, a purple and a gold.

 Party Purple - a gorgeous purple with really fine glitter, I think this is a great polish, two coats and it is opaque. Application was really easy and smooth, and it dried remarkably quickly. 
Golden Goddess - a clear base with a range of large and small gold glitter pieces, some of which are so fine, it creates a shimmering base. As with most glitters, it did not leave a smooth finish.

I tried layering these two, and it looked great, however  at that moment, the postman arrived and I messed it up :( I will try and do it again soon and put up pictures.

Overall, these polishes are really good, the range although small, is packed with a wide variety of colours, and for £1.50, I fear I will be buying them all!!!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas is a bottle!!!!

This week has been hell - final week of my first full term in school as a teacher ( and passed the term as well!!) but I have been shattered, falling asleep on the sofa most night, the children are up and down more times then a roller-coaster as Disney Land! So I have decided to give myself a stern talking to, have a can of full sugar coke and get on with doing my nails!

So I went through my nail collection and found some colours I haven't tried yet! They are all China Glaze, which I think are great polishes, but I struggled to get these colours in the UK so had to get them from the USA, and I really do love them.

I started with a base of OPI Ridge Filler to give a smooth base for my colour, and then used China Glaze Jolly Holly as my main colour. This is a gorgeous holly green colour with the hint of shimmer to it, a really gorgeous colour, and it was practically opaque in one coat, and it wasn't even a thick coat, however I went for two coats to make it more even.
This picture really does not do it justice, it is a really gorgeous colour. I'll try and take a picture during the day in what natural light we have at the moment ( I wonder what it would look like in the snow?!)

The decoration was with China Glaze Part Hearty. Oh My God, this is like Christmas in a bottle, a clear base with tiny silver glitter, small green circular glitter, and larger hexagonal pieces of red glitter. It is really stunning, and I had to put two layers on to really get a good coverage, however it left a really smooth finish, no need for a top coat, but I used Seche Vite any way!

Again, the picture doesn't do it justice, will try and get a better picture! But see, Christmas in a bottle! I think I will be layering this over everything for the next year easily!

For my thumb, I felt like doing something different and chose to use my new dotter tool that I got from to create a random snowy pattern on my nails using China Glaze Frosty - not great but I just wanted something different!

Well its different, and should fit with the changing weather! I will update it when I have more time!

I hope you are all well, any questions then let me know! Happy polishing :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Clothes Show Live 2010 Haul

This is going to be a mega haul but I go a lot of stuff!!!

Yesterday, I went to the Clothes Show Live 2010 in Birmingham and I have been before but this year was different. I mainly go for the beauty products but its always fun to look at the clothes and this year I had a go at re-designing some clothes! 

Major collection of new beauty products to show off - including loads of nail polish - much to my other halfs annoyance!

The first was Barry M
For £10 I recieved, 3 nail polishes, 3 glitter eye liners, 3 dazzle dust pots, a big glitter crayon, a duo eyeliner, a lipstick and a lipgloss! Wow, loads of stuff!!!! I cant wait to have a play with all that but well worth the money!!

Next was a massive bag of gorgeous smelling things all for £6!!!!

There are face mask, hair tints, hair masks, leg things and loads more!

A favourite of mine is always the Rimmel stand, I went for the 'natural beauty' choice and for £10 I got:

I recieved:

A natural Bronzer
2 eye shadows
clear lipgloss
Orange nail polish
Lash accelerator Mascara! - cant wait to have a play with these

Next up, a little brand I have never heard but a quick google helped me find out some information about them - the polish is called APN (Always Perfect Nails) and they were doing a small deal with loads of stuff for £10 - 

 3 nail polish, I chose a pink, a mink and a turquoise blue.
3 nail files, one buffer
some small make up brushes
Glitter eyeliner
Glitter Lipgloss and some other bits and pieces!!!

While I was there, I got the chance to meet some wonderful ladies from Andrea Fulerton, as well as Andrea herself and they showed me some wonderful products - I even got a manicure by one of the girls using their duo nail polishes!

For £10 I got

Mirror Shine Buffing Cards
Duo nail colour 
Pump bottle of Polish remover!

The last place I visited, and the one I was most excited about was the Models Own stand - as a massive nail polish fan, that was a little bit overwhelming! 
You could choose 3 bottles of polish for £10 and get a gift of products worth £30!!! 
I chose - 

25 Carat Gold

Magenta Divine 
Blue Sparkle

and got all of this!
I got their 
4 in one buffer bar
A mascara
blackberry lip gloss
a loose eyeshadow pot
a blue eyeliner 
a giant models own bag!!!!

I couldnt wait to get home and start playing with the new colours for I got a bit of time to myself and I thought I would create something sparkly! 
 I used Models Own, Misty Grey as a base for all of these!

On my left hand I have Magenta Divine on every finger except my ring finger where have Blue sparkle.

On my right hand I have Blue Sparkle on every finger except my ring finger which is painted with the Magenta.

Blue sparkle is a great colour with really big hexagonal glitter in it - It took 3 coats for it to look like this!

The Magenta Divine is really small glitters in a gorgeous shade and it covered really well!

I would definatley recommend these colours for anyone who wants a bit of sparkle ready for xmas!!

Wow - a massive blog, sorry for the essay! Hope you enjoy!