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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover

Considering how much I adore nail polish and doing my nails, I'm terrible when it comes to taking care of them - bad Sarah. So in a bid to improve the quality of my nails, I searched out some new bits. One product I picked up is the Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover.

The gel works to break down the cuticle, softening it and making it easier to gently push back the skin and keeping the nail bed healthy.

I try and use this once a week to keep my nails strong, and most of the time I only have to push the cuticle back, occasionally needing to cut off the skin that does not come off - please be very careful doing this - you need to know that you are cutting the right bit.

I think this is awesome, especially for £6.45, plus I've used it loads and still it has over half left. With a lot of focus being on the nails for SS13, they need to be looking their best. You can pick it up from Boots - its currently on offer for buy one get a second half price - bargain!!

How do you look after your nails? Any other products I need to try out?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Collections Cover & Go - Review

I love a good multi-tasking product, and Collection has produced a fab little concept in their Cover & Go foundation and concealer. Unfortunately for me, the fab concept is where the love stops

Cover & Go is a low coverage foundation which leaves quite a dewy finish on the skin. It's a nice foundation for quick application, but it can be a tad oily over the day without a setting powder.

Concealed in the lid is a little pot of concealer and a mirror to go with the foundation. It's quite a hard concealer, but applied with fingers or a brush, I find it gives ok coverage, without pulling at the skin. The mirrors a bit naff as you can't see in it very well but the ideas nice.

In terms of how well it lasts, I need to touch up quite a lot on my oily skin, but someone with drier skin might find this better suited. A big negative is that it does start to oxidise on my skin and if anything, it's made my skin oilier from using it - I've had some serious break outs so have stopped using it and they have cleared up!

There are only 6 colours in the range at the moment,I bought natural at first but it was too orange, whilst fair is a tad too pale - make sure you go and try them before if you fancy picking them up.

You can pick these up from Boots for £5.99, which is ok for a lower end foundation - I might try and mix mine with a moisturiser for in the summer.

Have you tried the Cover & Go yet? What do you think of the little mirror? Xx

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Make Up Shake Up #3

Another week, more make up (I have too much!) this weeks a lazy week make up wise, I'm focusing more on skin and base as my skin is having a rather emo mood swing at the moment!


- L'Oreal True Match foundation - Rose Ivory and Rose Vanilla, one is too pale, the other too dark, together they are perfect!!
- Benefit Browzing Kit
- Sleek Blusher - Rose Gold

Eyes & Lips
- Elf Custom Palette
- Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara
- Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse
- NYX eye liner

A very lazy selection but, meh! Let me know if there's anything you want a review for!

Have you shaken up your make up this week?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

SS '13 Nails - Tracey Rees Contrasting Half Triangles

Damn snow - I'm desperate to start warming up and getting the spring clothes back out, but the weather has other ideas so instead, SS'13 will have to start on my nails. 

One trend that has been around a while has been half moons painted in a contrasting colour. It's not a trend I mastered, but  this one twist is something I can do!

In the March Company magazine were a number of easy nail trend tutorials, and one that I liked was the Tracy Reese Half Triangles. I quick google found lots of images for inspiration.

I love the two colours, especially the yellow and orange. 

For mine, I chose very contrasting colours with a gold and blue in the forms of Essie's Beyond Cosy and Where's my Chauffeur? from their Winter 2012 collection.

I love the contrast of colours and texture - cheats Nails Inc Concrete polish maybe? I'm already thinking of different colour combinations to try out, any suggestions welcome!

What do you think, a nail trend you will try - link me up in the comments if you do! xx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Treacle Moon - Warm Cinnamon Nights - Review

Ok, so spring has teased us this week, but the evenings are very much still winter, so I've used this as an excuse to have a bath to warm up.

Treacle Moon is a brand I've seen featured on other blogs so many times, yet never stopped to pick up in Tesco. However I saw this, smelt it and fell in love - I adore cinnamon.

Warm Cinnamon Nights is a bath and shower gel, which leaves loads of bubbles in the bath - what could be better! The cinnamon is lovely and warming, whilst not overpowering as there is a touch of orange in it.

This super huge bottle was a grand total of £2.99 - however online it is currently £1.99, and this 500ml will last for ages! 

I think I need to check out some others from the range - any suggestions? xx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Models Own - Ice Neon

The sun is shining, blue sky is forcing its way through, spring is in the air and Models Own are tempting us again with another fantastic collection - with a twist!

Ice Neon is a collection of 5 Neon bright polish,  but the difference is that these are housed in a special frosted bottles which much be stored in the fridge to keep the Neon, Neon bright.

I love the concept of these and hope they really do live up to the hype - neon is not my normal cup of tea but I will be giving these a whirl.

You can pick these up from the Models Own Bottleshop (Westfield London, White City) (from March 9th)and then Online (from March 20th, available to preorder from March 1st)and from Boots (from March 22nd)- I know I really want the purple and the pink!

Which one do you like best? 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Mascara - Review

Whenever Maybelline release a new mascara I'm always first in the que to pick one up - I adore the brushes and the formula every time!

So I headed off to Booths and picked up The Rocket. Dressed in Maybelline's signature sleek packaging, the colour pops of blue and coral remind you that spring is on its way.

The formula is quite a wet formula, making it easy to spread through the lashes, but it does dry very quickly which is good. It is a really good black that adds length and volume to my lashes, giving my beloved Benefit They're Real a run for its money. I don't have naturally thick, curly lashes but this did help open my eyes a lot and help the curl when I used curlers.

For me, the most important bit is the brush - without a good brush then a mascara is soon discarded. Comparing it to the Benefit brush, this one is very good. A plastic, short bristle wand helps to comb the product through lashes, getting all the way to the roots. I found that I could build layers quickly without smudging this onto my eyelids, and even do my lower lash line as well! I did miss the addition of the little spiky ball that Benefit have but I could live without.

This lasted all day with no flaking which was great as I often end up as a panda at some point. Removal was easy both with a baby wipe or Bioderma.

This is one mascara that would make a great, low cost dupe for Benefit's They're Real mascara as its only £7.99 plus if you hurry, you can pick it up for £5.99 either I store or online at Boots.

Have you tried The Rocket Yet? Do you agree that the wand is just as important as a good formula or not? Xx

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Make up Shake Up #2

Another week, another shake up. This week is half term and so I've picked bits that are easy to throw on if I feel like it, but I don't have to wear all of them - I seriously need to sort out my skin so I probably will go without foundation quite a lot!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation
17 Photoflawless Primer
Look Beauty Cream Blush
Benefit Dallas Bronzer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Benefit Erase Patse

MUA Undress Too pallette
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liner - Taupe & Bronze
Benefit Brow Zing - Medium
Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara
Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo - Permenant Taupe

Lots of quick and easy products for the week - some old favourites that have been dug out and others which are new to the collection. Which ones are your favourites? xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

NOTD - Barry M Amethyst Glitter - Review

I picked up a couple of glitters when I was in Tesco, and this one really caught my eye. Amethyst Glitter is a cooler toned glitter made up of blues, silver and magenta glitters suspended in a clear. For me I love this more then the traditional Silver & Gold glitter purely as it suits my skin tone better.

It builds up quickly in 3 coats without a base colour, and its really easy to work with so you could create all sorts of winter nail art designs with this. This would be awesome layered over black or purple.

I'm loving Barry M at the moment, their glitter range is great and I need some more in my life, any recommendations? Xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

31 Random Facts about me!

Not one to er miss out on a passing bandwagon, I've jumped aboard, and whether you want to know them or not, here are 30 facts all about me! 

1) I'm 5ft 9inchs tall, making me the tall one in my group of friends but I still wear the highest heels.

2) I love star tattoos - I have two of my own and I'm currently designing my third for on my foot.

3) I was born with white blonde hair, but as I got older it started to look like really awful highlights.

4) I love to dance. I started ballet, tap and jazz when I was 3 and carried on until I was 16 - I adored it so much but quit when I was told I was too fat to be a ballerina.

5) Even though my brother is nearly 18, I still call him by his nickname that he was given when he was 3 - I won't embarrass him by telling you it!

6) I have a fear of helter skelter slides after tearing the ligaments off my knee cap when I was 10.

7) The boy and I adore the Formula 1, we watch every race together, although I draw the line with wearing a sombrero (don't ask!)

8) I'm left handed, but I use a knife and fork like right handers, as well as a computer mouse.

9) I have a real weakness for crisps - I adore them, and can't stop eating them once I get going. 

10) My favourite colour is purple - can you tell?!

11) We have a hamster, she is called Oreo due to her colouring but she is never called Oreo, we call her Mouse mainly.

12) My favourite animals are bears and monkeys.

13) My earliest memory of wearing make up was a bright blue eyeshadow we used to have to wear when I did dance shows from aged 4 - its was awful!

14) I once had my hair cut from waist length to just below my shoulders by accident - I cried for a month!

15) I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 15, and up until recently I never wore my glasses.

16) I lived in Germany for a year as my dad was in the RAF. 

17) I can mimic most people accents, and I often pick them up.

18) For years I would never eat beef except mince for some strange reason.

19) I have helped deliver lambs into the world.

20) I can drive a tractor, my uncle used to let us drive his in the fields

21) I love trashy TV - it started with The Hills and progressed with every trashy program under the sun - Toddlers & Tiaras anyone?!

22) I hate fruit! Dried fruit really is the devil incarnate as far as I'm concerned.

23) I adore classic cars over modern cars.

24) I have a green belt in Kung Fu.

25) I've got 5 piercings in my ears - 3 in one side and 2 in the other - and I rarely wear matching sets.

26) I hate cut flowers, I love the idea of getting them but hate them so would rather not have them.

27) My favourite place to visit is Portstewart in Northern Ireland. I spent a lot of my childhood there visiting family.

28) I wanted to be a mechanic when I was younger

29) My sister and I used to put on performances for our family, and I would always sing 'A whole new world' from Aladdin.

30) I want to do a sky dive one day.

31) I love fancy dress - any excuse!!!

So there are some random facts about me - I love being nosey and getting to know everyone so link me up if you do one of these posts! 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Treatment - Review

Ever since I ombred my hair, I've been on a mission to protect my hair, especially the ends. So when I accidentally picked up a pot of this treatment I thought I would give it a try.

Now, I love the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment - and always stock up when it's on offer,so I had high hopes for this little pot of loveliness and I was not let down

'Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Treatment for damaged, over – processed hair caused by styling and colouring! A super strength saviour to get deep down into the cortex to help build, repair and rehydrate breaking hair. ' it does all of this without a doubt.

I've used it in two ways - first as an in shower or bath treatment, washing my hair first and then slapping a dollop on the ends and leaving for 5-10mins. This give good results as the ends feel silly smooth after and do look better. The second way I use this is by damning the end of my hair, putting an eg sized blob through the ends and then putting up in a bun over night before shampooing out in the morning - this leaves me with easy to style locks in the morning that don't look so frazzled!

I adore this more then I did the Phillip Kingsley elasticizer and the price tag is much more friendly! For £10.99 you get 200ml of product that last ages of you only use this twice a week. Currently Boots have it on offer on a 3 for 2 along with the rest of the breaking hair range, which I might need to pick up.

Any recommendations for hair treatments? Have you tried anything from the Breaking Hair range? Xx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Make Up Shake Up #1

Sunday night again, which means getting ready for school tomorrow. I haven't done this for a while, but I'm meant to be saving. not spending so it was time for a rummage through the stash!

- Collection Cover & Go. A low coverage foundation and concealer, I picked both colours as they are pretty pale, as I wanted to test them out at work.

- Look Cream Blush in Guava. I'm ready for spring now, and this gives a nice fresh flush.

- 17 Photo Flawless Primer. I haven't used this in ages, time to see if i still love it.

- Benefit Erase Paste. Another golden oldie from my stash, I love this when I'm needing a bit of extra coverage. 

- 17 Vintage Love. A mini palette of bronze metallic for an everyday smokey eye.

- Benefit Browzing. Nice and simple for defining brows

- MUA Gel Liner. Loving gel at the moment so can't wait to try this.

- Maybelline The Rocket Mascara. LOVE this, full review this week on the blog

- 17 Dolled Up Mascara. Another new one to try out, will report back

Just some lovely products, what are you using this week?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentines Gift Guide - Boux Avenue

It's that time of year again, shops filled with all things red and lacy and in a lot of cases incredibly tacky, and thats just some of the cards! 

Other then roses, lingerie is one of the most bought items during the two weeks running up to V-day, and some of the nicest collections have been from Boux Avenue. I could choose what I liked best so the boy has picked for me, 5 things that will look amazing for Valentines Day, maybe this might even drop him a hint!

1) Victoriana Satin Plunge Bra and Briefs - I love the pink of these, its so gorgeous and is a nice change from the traditional red. Bra - £26 (30B-38DD) Brief - £14 (8-18)

2) Flirty Frills Balconette Bra and Brief - a cute set which creates an amazing clevage, looks good under most tops or dresses and is simple enough to wear every day! Bra - £22 (30a-40F) Brief/ Thong - £10 (6-18)

3) Ebony Bow Plunge Bra Set - A really cute set that is not really practical for everyday but is so cute, love the pale pink with the black lace overlay - Bra - £28 (32A-34DD)Thong - £12 (8-18) Suspender Belt - £16 (8-18)

4) Alexus Silk Balconette Bra Set - Ok, so I couldn't write a gift guide without a bit of red, and this was my favourite. I adore balconette bras, they give such a good shape, and the touch of black lace is lovely. Bra - £30 (30C-38FF) Brief - £16 (10-16)

5) Cutesy Flock Spot Bra Set - Out of all of these, this one is my overall favourite. I love the black dot detail, has a nice kitsch feeling. I would happily wear this as an everyday, plunge balconettes give us bustier girls cleavage without 4 boobs whilst boosting those with smaller boobs! Bra - £26 (30B-38E) Brief - £12 (8-18)

These are just a few of the gorgeous bras from Boux Avenue, plus I've had a sneak peek at their SS'13 collection and my list is now incredibly long! Head on over there to pick out a set, or start dropping hints now! 

Which sets do you like? Any others that you like? xx

Monday, 4 February 2013

January Round Up

Image - weheartit
So, I thought I would start a new series on here as I'm awful at writing weekly updates, some weeks there's nothing exciting to report, but it's easier to round up a full month and I can add more bits to it.
What I've been up to: January is my favourite month, and it's been quite busy!
Started the month off at home, celebrating New Years at home with the family playing drinking Just Dance until 3 in the morning, I get far too competitive and threw a bit of a strop when my brother best me!!
Next up was my birthday which involved the weekend before again at my parents being spoilt and then again on my actual birthday - you can see my post about it here.
A busy month at school, the 4 weeks have flown, but it's nice being back with my children , they really are the reason I go to work every day, just some of the comments they come out with are priceless! Best bit was spending time with them out in the snow, we made so many snow men!
Finally, finishing off with a quick trip home to help my dad out at a car show, being surrounded by Mini's, just wish we could have taken mine but I didn't want to risk it with the weather, she is my baby.
What I've been watching:
Les Miserable was awesome, I had high hopes as I love the musical and know every word to On My Own, so was glad to see it done really well.
Mr Selfridge has to be my current favourite TV program, I never got into Downton Abbey but this I really like, a great story.
This video on YouTube makes me want a Pug even more, me and the boy have nearly learnt all the words and it get stuck in your head really easily. -
Listening To:
Ellie Goulding - Halcyon
Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg
Goals for next months:
Keep going to the gym - currently at 3hours a week - want to add an extra hour plus an hour at home.
Go somewhere in half term - one night will do.
De-clutter the spare bedroom - a menial task I must do at some point but just can't be bothered but we need the space in our little flat!
So there was my month - how was your?
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