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Monday, 19 August 2013

Top 5 Summer Nail Polish Colours

We all know I'm a polish addict, but there are always some colours that I reach for more in the summer then at any other time of the year, Neon pink just doesn't look the same in December! So I've rifled through my collection and picked my top 5 colours for the summer as well as some of the polishes in those colours! 

Green - 

I love greens and mints in the summer, very fresh and bright withouth being too over the top. My go to colours are Topshop's Pool Party and Barry M's Greenberry.

Coral -
Coral colours live on my toes in the summer, theres just something about coral toes and sandals. I think Essie make some of the best corals, Cute as a Button is great, whilst this No7 polish is cute, but I'm naughty as its a Limited Edition!

Blue -

Blue colours are on the border with green, but a good blue is nice and light for summer - especially if the sky is the same. Models Own make fantastic blues in a wide range of shades. Beths Blue in a perfect sky blue whilst Baleric Cool is the perfect sea blue/green.

Neon -
Oh Neon, you do scare me some what - I have to wait until I'm tanned as Neons look awful against my pale skin. Again, my go to for Neons are Models Own, is there anything they can't do! I picked out Bubblegum, the exceptionally bright pink and Beach Party, a gorgeous neon orange. I love these on my nails, even together with orange base & pink dots.

Dark -

Sometimes I start to crave darker colours on my nails. There is something about dark nails against tanned skin, I do love it, especially on shorter nails. I dug through my stash and there was only one choice for brand of dark colours and its OPI. The two colours that I've been loving is OPI Pepe's Purple Passion and Lincoln Park After Dark. I love both of these, a dark vampy purple looks great on toes and tips! 

So there are my top 5 colours for summer, what colours do you reach for in the summer? xx


  1. Great post! I'm all about the minty greens in summer, I have about 6 shades that are almost identical! Xx

  2. Some great colours there. I think I'm going nail polish shopping tomorrow..
    Adela x


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