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Monday, 30 April 2012

Shopping my Stash #11

Evening lovelies, second post from me tonight but I need to try and get into a routine again!

You know when your restrictive with something and you crave loads of different things...yeah well suffering with that at the moment so I'm giving myself some choice.

Andy Monkey helped me pick!

- Maybelline Superstay 24hour foundation - I love this but its still a bit dark so I mix it with the Healthy Mix, lasts really well on my skin.

- Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - A good one for toning down slightly darker foundations

- Benefit That Gal Primer - I haven't used this for ages so will try it for a week and then write up a review.

- Benefit It Stick Concealer - forgot I had this, so will try it out, but I remember I used to love it for a quick touch up.

- Benefit Georgia and Coralista - Both gorgeous boxes, Georgia sets my foundation well and Coralista leaves a gorgeous glow to my skin - dreaming of summer.

- ELF Palette - I have no idea of the names of any of the colours, but I quite like this little palette for a change.

- Maybelline Colour Tattoo - A fancy a change with a touch of gold, as the weather will hopefully start to warm up soon.

- Benefit Lemon Aid - I love this, still have the old packaging for it but leaves a great base for eye-shadow.

- HD Brow Palette - Need I say more :)

- Maybelline Falsies Mascara - A full, fluttery look is created with this, totally love it!

- NYX Liner in Brown - A great liner that lasts all day, also doubles as a eyebrow pencil :)

So there are all my choices this week - felt I needed a change and have discovered some real gems in my collection, if a touch Benefit heavy but I really love the products! 

What are you wearing this week? xx

This Weeks & Downs #15

Evening lovelies - sorry this is a day late, but this weekend has been very up and down - shall explain why in a moment!


- On Saturday I went up to London to meet my mummy who had come down from Lincoln for the day. We spent the day wandering about the V & A museum, looking at the stunning Jewellery collection as well as the Theatre and Production collection thats on show there. I want to go back when they have their classic ball gown exhibition on display!

Me and Mummy

- My mummy treated me to some lovely bits from Benefit in Harrods. I was colnour matched by a lovely girl, and we chatted for ages about blogging and instagram - its always nice to chat to the make up girls, sometimes they can be really pushy but she wasn't (I can't remember her name, but if your reading this then please let me know!)


- The rain wont't go away!

- Recently the boys Grandad (Pop) hasn't been very well, and has spent some time in hospital. We rushed down to the hospital last Wednesday night to see him as he was meant to be having quite a serious operation but it was called off as he wasn't well enough.

- We spent Saturday night and Sunday at the boy's mum's house as they needed to be at hospital for Pop, but sadly he passed away on Sunday afternoon. The moment he left, the sun shone into the room and we knew that that was Nan finding him on the other side - reunited after 4 long years. He will be greatly missed by the whole family so please excuse me if I go quiet at some point.

So there's my week - very up and down,still feeling a bit all over the place, but I'm focusing on this and work to help me though.

How was your week?

Monday, 23 April 2012

Shopping my Stash #10

Evening lovelies, hope your well and Monday hasn't been too wet!

Sat on the sofa with the boy who has hurt his back at the gym so this is a quick post before I head back to tend to him! 


 - Maybelline Super Stay 24hr foundation - I love this, although I've picked up the wrong colour and its a bit dark for me.
- Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - still having a mega love/hate with this but mixed with the Superstay, it lasts longer and makes the Superstay the correct colour.
- Elf Correcter - still loving this.
- Benefit Georgia and 10 - Georgia to set my foundation and for shine touch ups and 10 for contouring my no existent cheek bones and mixed the highlighter looks fairly blush like.


Blogger strikes again!
- MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - Simple but great to use, this makes a nice day time eye look as well as filling in my brows and as an eyeliner.
- Clinique High Impact Mascara - A freebie but I love the full lashes it gives me with only 2 coats! I actually look awake when I use this!

I've got lazy with my chorices this week but I find it easier to just throw this on in the morning (not literally but that would make for an intesting look!)

What are your choices for this week? xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #14

Evening lovelies, another late post but I'm feeling very low and kinda swamped at work at the moment so it's hard to be in the mood to post.


- A good first week back at school. The week started off well, with the kids excited to be back, and the new Smart boards being amazing to use!


- Its been one disaster after another with the little mini - first she started to run really round and grumbly, next one wiper broke during the worst week of rain ever and now she has a water feature inside! Sadly it's a design flaw in classic Minis so we are constantly praying for no rain to get her dried out again! 

 - Me and the gym are not really friends at the moment, but thats another post for this week.

 - I have so much work to do. At school, we are waiting for our 6month check up from Ofsted/HMI inspector to see how we are getting on and I feel like I've lost all will to live at the moment with it :( Oh to go back to being an NQT again.

 - Although I have no time, I'm desperate to start using my brain again. I'm looking at doing an online course in something, but that will depend on money and time more then anything.

 - The boys Grandad is quite poorly at the moment so its awful when the phone rings, just incase he has to make the dash to his parents house.

- That there are no more ups this week :(

Not a great week for me, I hope your week was a bit better, just hope that this picture means that something good will come out of the darkness for me. How was your week?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels

Afternoon lovelies, finally it's Friday, the weekend is upon us and here is something to put on your shopping list!

I'm still fairly new to cream blush, but after falling in love with Flush, and lusting over Neon Rose, I picked up Head Over Heels.

Head Over Heels is a peachy coral coloured blush which looks quite orange in the pan but leaves a fresh, peachy glow on the skin.

The packaging is the typical Topshop packaging with the scruffy white polka dots, with a mirror in the top. the pan is plenty large enough to use a brush or just apply with your fingers. I love I can throw this in my bag and apply it later if I need to, the case is quite sturdy, and the mirror is an adde bonus!

I love how the cream blushes feel so silky as the glide into the skin, but try to a matte, powdery finish when blended into the skin, plus they last really well on my skin, not highlighting the dryness in my cheeks, but surviving if my face gets slightly oily, as I have a bad habit of touching my face a lot!
Not blended!
I apply this with my Real Techniques stippling brush as it picks up just enough product and I can really blend it in where I want, as well as being able to add more if I need to.

I've been wearing this or the past week as its quite easy to throw on in the morning, applying well over my chosen foundation. For £6, these are really good value for money and I would recommend them for in your collections!

So what do you think, something you use and love, or something that you have wanted to try?

Thanks for reading xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

NOTD - Models Own Beth's Blue

Evening lovelies, hope your well and not too bummed out by all the rain.

Recently I've been raiding my collection more for nail polishes, as I have so many I haven't worn for ages and even some I bought and then forgot about! This polish is one of them.

Models Own Beth's Blue is a pale lavender/purple/blue/gorgeous polish which looks blue in the bottle but dries with the purple tinge to it.

As with all Models Own polishes, it applies perfectly in 2 coats and lasted about 4 days before it chipped and that's only because I trapped my finger!

This is a really fresh, spring polish which looks great in fingers and toes, now and in the summer with more of a tan.

I don't know why I have ignored this one for so long but I'm sure this will get a lot of wear over the summer!

If you hurry down to Boots they currently have 3 for 2 on all cosmetics and for £5, you need this shade in your life!

What do you think? Have you tried Beth's Blue before? I'm thinking of combining it with a green accent nail, do you want to see?

Thanks for reading xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #13

Evening lovelies, this is a really delayed post but I need to get back into the swing of posts after a stressful Easter Holidays!


- Easter Holidays!! It was nice to have two weeks off, even if i actually spent most of it in school working, teaching year 6 but I got some time off. 

- With my time off I spent quite a lot at my parents house. It's nice being there as it's a lot more relaxed and it means I got to spend time with my family. We didn't do a lot but sometimes thats nice.

- On Easter Monday, the Boy and I headed up to Birmingham to meet his lovely friends Dale and Emma. We decided to head to Cadbury World which was great! We bought lots of chocolate, ate lots of chocolate and felt very sick! Even the air outside the factory smelt of chocolate! It was nice to meet some of the boys friends, and we already have plans to go camping at some point!

- The mini finally came home! It's taken my dad 7 years but she is finally finished (as a classic will ever be)and I'm loving running about in her. On Sunday we took her back up to Lincoln to attend a Mini show, with about 100 other minis, it was great fun driving in convoy with some others. It was a long day but I loved it.


- Being back at school. Two weeks go far to fast, although I got a lot done, it wasn't really enough and now I'll spend the rest of the week catching up what I needed to get done :(

- We've only been back a day and already I feel stressed out :(

- The scales were not kind this week but I guess that's because I ate lots of chocolate as well as constantly eating over the weekend. Things will get better once I'm back in a routine.

So there it is, my belated weekly ups and downs, how has your week been?

Friday, 13 April 2012

A little(ish) Primark Haul

Afternoon lovelies, hope your well. I'm just having a cheeky break from planning by taking my lovely friend and her 3month old baby swimming!

Recently I've been craving some new clothes, especially as the weather has been all over the place! So due to limited funds I headed to Primarni and picked up a few pieces.

Mint Green Chinos - I picked these up as I wanted some colour in my life that I can wear to work as their a bit smarter for summer but dress them down with some white pumps. 

Tshirt + Aztec Leggings - I fell in love with this Tshirt, its super cute! Plus the leggings are something I thought I would never buy but I love them and this is my 3rd pair!

Midi striped dresses - These seem to have become the blogger dresses recently as I've seen quite a few bloggers wearing them, but I picked them up and look forward to wearing these in the summer - just need some shoes to wear with them!

Mens Tshirts - These were in the Primark sale from the mens section but I love them. I plan to customise both of them for the summer, roll up the sleeves and cut the necks off to make them a better shape. I've worn both and am glad I got them in Medium!

So just a little(ish) haul but I needed the clothes! 

What do you think? Any bits you have picked up recently?

Thanks for reading xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Shopping my Stash #9

Afternoon lovelies, a rather late shopping my stash but I've been away at my parents house and things have been very busy in the run up to returning to school.

This weeks make up choices are my lazy choices, items that I can just throw on quickly and know that it will make me look semi-decent without being over made up.


 - Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. Still working my way though this but its behaving itself this week on my skin, sadly its not love
 - Benefit Georgia Box Blush. I use this all over to set the foundation, but I adore it.
 - Benefit No. 10 Box Blush. Contour and highlight, this is so easy to use, can contour quickly or mix the two together for an easy to apply bronzer/blush.
- Topshop Cream Blush in Neon Rose. This is a new product that gives a peachy colour. I will do a full review soon. 
- ELF concealer - using this up, I quite like it but I will do a review soon.

- MUA Heaven and Earth palette. This is an amazing palette, so easy to use and I love it! I always get comments on my eyeshadow when I use it.
- Clinique High Impact Mascara. A freebie from the Cosmo (?) magazine a while a go, I pulled it out for something different but it gives me really full lashes that are dark and thick.
- Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph. I love this to fill my brows in, its so creamy and looks really natural.

So there you have it, my makeup for this week. Normal posts will resume soon, I just need to get back into a routine of work and posting!

Thanks for reading xx

PS Hope you had a great Easter! 

Friday, 6 April 2012

14 Weeks until Summer Body Challenge

Afternoon lovelies, hope your ok and enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. This is the second time I've written this post, as the first one was deleted for some reason.

So today marks 14 weeks to the Summer holidays. Like most people, now really is the point that I start to think about what I want to wear in the summer, but I always end up wearing shorts and this hurts, heave forbid my legs see the sun. This is because I'm over weight, and have been for some time now - I'm currently 5lbs off my heaviest weight, and I've been stuck here for some time. 

 So I'm setting myself a challenge, I have 14 weeks to turn around how I see myself and get back into shape. I've been really inspired by the girls over at Where are My Knees, especially Sarah who has done really well. I've followed their progress on their blog and from talking to Sarah on twitter it feels like now I'm in the right place mentally to do this. I'm going to get back into Weight Watchers really well, following the meal plans that are on the website. 

I'm also going to up my exercise again as I used to be active and sporty and have got lazy recently. I will post up my meal plan on Monday as well as that weeks exercise plan so if you want to see it then you can. I'm not setting myself a weight goal as I will become obsessive with the scales, instead weighing on a Saturday and posting me measurements every 2 weeks. 

So these are my current measurements

Height 5ft 9 Dress 
Size : 14/16 
Thighs: 26.5inch 
Bum: 44.5inch 
Hip: 42inch 
Waist: 34.5inch 
Arms: 13inch 

So that's me, its taken a lot for me to post this, it's quite a personal post as I know about my issues with food and my body, it's something I've ignored for a lot of my adult lie, but it has affected me. So I wil need a lot of support, so all kind words are appreciated! 

 Thanks for reading xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

NOTD : 17 Cosmetics Mint Choc Chip

Afternoon lovelies , mid way through week one of Easter and I've worked every day so I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow before I head up North to the parentals :)

Question...where has the sun gone? The moment the sun came out I started craving something fresh and had a rummaged through my collection for something that would fit the need.

Mint Choc Chip is a bright blue toned mint green, with a lot of blue in it. It has a cool tone to it so a warmer skin tone then mine would really make it pop but don't think you can't wear it.

I love the polishes from 17, I seem to pick up a new one every week, although they tend to get over looked whenever I get some from other brands, but I always go back to them.

Coverage was really good, this was two coats, but I've since topped up another coat as being in school ruined the tips (damn display boards) and I can't bear to part with it yet!

This is a polish that everyone should own, a flattering shade all year round, but perfect for this summer! 

What do you think?

Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 2 April 2012

Shopping my Stash #8

Afternoon lovelies, Monday has flown by, but it is so nice know that its still the half term!

I write this as my boy cooks tea and washes up ( he's well trained) which gives me a chance to catch up on blogs and write up some posts.

This weeks make up choices are because it's half term and I never know what is coming up so I've tried to pick things that work for most occasions.

Why can't I rotate this?!
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - I'm still slogging away with this, but I have found a way to make it more bearable!

17 Cosmetics BB Cream - This is my more bearable way. I mix this with my foundation and it just makes it easier to use, plus it leaves my skin looking and feeling a bit fresher.

Elf All Over Cover Stick - Bought this ages ago so need to give it another try before I can fully comment on it.

Benefit Georgia and Benefit 10 - I love Georgia, lovely peachyness in a box that leaves a nice cover. Then we have 10 which is my first nod towards the summer. I love the bronzer in it as a contour and then mixed together to give a warmer blush on the cheeks, summer is on its way!


I've picked some bits which allow me to make lots of different eye looks, depending on what I'm doing!

MUA Heaven and Earth Pallete - I adore this, I had this before I got my Naked palette so it holds a special place. Plus I learnt to create a smokey eye with this one so I love it even more! Just wish my local Superdrug actually stocked it properly!

Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe - I plan to use this is a base for my eyeshadow or just to wear on its own. I love the colour it gives, which you can see here in this post.

17 Cosmetics Photoflawless Eye Pencil in Black/Gold - This is an oldy in my stash, I had forgotten about it but I love how it makes my eyes stand out more! I picked this colour as its supposed to make brown eyes stand out, I'm not so sure but I still love it for its staying power.

Soap and Glory Arch de Triumph - another thing I had forgotten about but I use this to fill my brows as it gives a lovely colour that doesn't leave me with a scouse brow!

Maybelline Cat Eye Mascara - Love this, it gives a full and dark eye, which wings out my eyelashes.

So there you have it, this weeks choices. If there's anything you want a fuller review on then please let me know as I have a bit of time on my hands and need some blog post ideas! 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #12

Evening all, its that time again where I look back over my week, and boy has this week been an up and down week!


  • Its finally the Easter holidays! We're now 2/3s of the way through this year, meaning I have 2 full weeks off. I'm looking forward to having some time to myself, to catch up on blogging, to see friends and family. I'm also going to be working a few days - teaching the year 6's that need a boost for SATs.
  • The weather is getting better so I'm making an effort to take more pictures of what I wear, as I'm not living in jeans quite so much at the moment - still rocking my slippers through!
  • I'm really into my spinning at the moment. I've never been able to run, spending most of my life dancing or swimming so its nice to try something new - its challenging but I love it.

  • Although its my holidays, the boys still got to work so this means lots of time on my own - this is one of the reasons I started blogging, but long periods of solitude tend to make me quite low so hopefully working will combat this.
  • More staff left this week at school :( its hard as it makes more work for the rest of us, plus some of the kids think I'm next!
  • The weather is doing some strange things at the moment - snow is forecast this week (not for Herts thankfully!) even the Moon was confused today!!

So there was my week - how was yours?