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Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday Night Pledge and 8 week challenge

I'm getting worse at writing this post every week so I have decided to move it to a Monday when I am in a blogging frame of mind, ready to start the new week.

This post marks the start of my 8 week countdown to a wedding I'm going to and I am going to be 2 stone lighter! Since last weeks pledge, I have had a manic week, totally losing control at work with report writing! So this week is a fresh start.

This week I pledge to:
1) Keep drinking lots of water as I am starting to recognise the difference between hunger and thirst!
2) Get back into a high protein diet, cut down on nasty, IBS inducing carbs :(
3) Go back to spinning!!!

Weight: a scary 14 st 6

Where do you want to be in 8 weeks time with your weight loss/lifestyle change. I challenge you to take on the 8 week( or however long it is for you) challenge and let me know so that we can motivate each other! Next week I might even brave a before picture! What are you going to change this week?!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

Evening all, hope you've had a good day.

I'm on a serious budget at the moment, trying to save for our own home, so that means only essential shopping :( Thankfully window shopping is free!!

So I've had a look for a few things I would like for the summer:
        Tan (Stone) Leather Lace Up Platforms | 218640318 | New Look
    New Look £31.99

I think these are gorgeous, and would look great teamed with some pale jeans or shorts with a lovely tan and a coral polish.
      River Island  £44.99

I have a wedding to go to this summer, and this dress is the right side of church appropriate, whilst still being sexy with the nude colour. Great for us curvy girls as it has a sweetheart neckline and a nipped in waist.

River Island £26.99

These shorts are a nod to the smart tailored trend which is appearing in magazines again. Smart enough to be dressed up for work, as well as casual enough for weekends outside in a pub garden, especially with the heels above!

These are just a few of my favourite things that I have found when having a browse. What do you think? What things are on your wish lists? 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Spinning - it isn't that bad...really

So in a bid to up my fitness, and get summer ready, I've decided to up the amount I challenge myself at the gym. I have been going 3 times a week, and pottering about the gym but now I need to push and I went to my first spinning class tonight.

Spinning is a medium to high intensity class which involves interval training and resistance training on specially designed bikes. The instructor should help you set up, the bike, show you how to adjust the resistance and check that you are ready.

My instructor was amazing, so supportive and helpful ( if a little crazy!!!) 

Your advised to start warming up as soon as you get on the bike, just start peddling on a low resistance setting. The music keeps you going and the RPM of the song increases with each track. Depending on the routine, the instructor will let you know what setting to put your bike on.

We did a real mix of everything, cardio, interval training, tabata (Japanese interval training principal) slow resistance and then cool down. A good class will go through all of these, and last about an hour.

Currently I feel like death, and I really did only the basics. The biggest mistake I made was not eating enough before the class and not having enough to drink during. I have booked in again, and so will keep going, and will report back on weight and inch loss from this! 

Have you tried spinning? How did you find it? Are there any other classes I should try? 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunshine, on a cloudy day....

Evening all, so the weather has been a bit rubbish, and I've been in a bit of a nail funk for a couple of weeks, but after all the rain, I needed a bit of sunshine and this was it.

 Models Own Dusky Mauve. I've had this in my drawer for ages, but never really fancied it. I didn't want a really bright colour, but in the sun this really pops. Its a gorgeous purple pewter which looks silver in low light like poured metal, and then in the sun its a lovely lilac with a subtle shimmer, like the edge of a rain cloud as the sun is setting!

As with every Models Own this applied like a dream, looks flawless and has survived two days with no chips!
I don't know how it compares to Barry M's Dusky Mauve, but I really like it - what do you think, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Sunday Night Pledge - 13th June

This last week has been taken up with report writing, and thankfully the first draft is now done! Hand in by Friday so fingers crossed there are very few changes to make!

It also means I get my life back, and I can start blogging again!

So late again I know, but pledge for last week went well, and I have really noticed an improvement in my skin and my weight has dropped a lot in one week (4lbs!) 

So onto this week. I pledge to:
1) Get into a routine of cleansing properly with my Clarisonic - my skin has improved with lots of water, but I think I need to get back nourishing it from the outside as well.
2) Up my protein and cut down on carbs in the evening - when I'm not working out or running about at school, I need to cut down on eating carbs and up my protein - I will try and include some recipes if people want to see some. 
3) Write a blog about my weight loss, including measurements and maybe photos - depends how brave I am feeling.

I would love to see some people letting me know what they are pledging, writing down has really helped me keep me on track - why not give it a go! :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Sunday Night Pledge - 6th June

Evening all, I missed posting yesterday as I was travelling and didn't get organised enough to set up a post while I was away and so my Sunday Night Pledge is happening on a Monday, never mind! 

Last week was a nice relaxing week filled with report writing, snacking and planning as it was half term, and the last half term of my NQT year, in less then 7 weeks I will be a fully qualified teacher with just an average amount of stress! 

So this weeks pledge is going to be short and sweet!
1) Continue with the exercising, I have lost a grand total of 4lbs in 3 weeks which is good for me as I don't lose weight easily
2) Write a food diary, I'm using the MyNetDiary app from  Itunes which I think is working for me as it shows how good and bad my eating is
3) Drink more water, I used to drink a lot and notice the state my skin gets in when I don't drink very much so back to drinking 2litres a day when I'm at school.

How was your week last week? What do you want to change next week?