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Monday, 31 March 2014

NOTD - Models Own Speckled Egg Collection


So spring is around the corner, Easter holidays are a week away and the shops are stocked to the top with chocolate! As I'm not a big chocolate fan, nail polish that looks like chocolate really is the healthier option.

Models Own have launched their spring collection, and this year its pastels with speckles! It’s nothing new as Illamasqua released a similar collection last year, however at a budget friendly, high-street price, the Speckled Egg collection is spot on.

We've got 5 shades to choose from, 'Goose' which is a creamy yellow, 'Dove' a baby pink, 'Magpie' a minty green, 'Swan' a creamy lilac and 'Duck' a cornflower blue.  As with all Models Own polishes they are fantastic; great coverage and fast drying....and they look like mini eggs, so what more could a girl want?  I applied 3 coats of the polish to get the effect in my swatches.

I was really impressed with lasting power of these polishes, I wore these throughout shifting boxes and unpacking this weekend and it really is only a slight bit of tip wear, plus I've been wearing it for a week now.

Overall, I love these; I know I will be reaching for them so much over the coming weeks and the coming spring!

What do you think of the Speckled Egg collection? Xx

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Home - So you want to buy a house...

...well welcome to one of the most stressful yet exciting things you will ever do!

A week ago today, myself and the boy finally got the keys to our own little home. It's been a long road, we've been saving for nearly 4 yrs and the plan was always to buy in the area that we work.

As first time buying, I felt that there wasn't enough information out there on the actual process of buying a house, we had so many questions which our family couldn't answer and we didn't know where to get these answers from, so on Fridays I will be talking all things house, working through the process that we've been through, hoping to help you guys if you choose to buy a home yourself.

As well as that, there will probably be some redecoration posts, home hauls and everything else.

If you have any questions for me about the house buying process then let me know, after the bumpy ride we've been on I feel like a bit of a house buying expert!


Friday, 28 March 2014

A Quick Update - A New Chapter


Morning everyone - so I thought I would do a quick update on here as I'm sure I'm going to be a bit distant for the next couple of weeks due to our exciting news!

At some point today, we will be getting the keys to our new house! 

Its been a bit of a struggle and a very fast process this time around but we will now have somewhere of our own, rather then having to deal with a landlord.

So from this point onwards, Fridays posts will be dedicated to all things house buying or renting, decorating and home posts.

If you have any questions then please let me know! Also please bear with me whilst we get our new home set up, I've some great guest posts set up for whilst I'm busy, plus I will be uploading some bits and pieces along the way!

So here we go, a new chapter xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wednesday Workout #2

So I've done something daft - in my drunken state on Friday night, I've gone over on my ankle and right royally damaged the soft tissue in my foot and ankle :( This means I'm now stuck not able to jump around in my usual gym classes whilst I rest and ice my foot for the next week.

So in my quest to keep fit at home, I've trawled through YouTube and stumbled across the POPSUGAR Fitness videos. PopSugar is an American company, and on YouTube they have a large selection of videos under different categories. The fitness section is obviously my favourite; however the beauty videos are really good. 

I've tried a couple of the fitness videos, my favourite being the 40min cardio videos as well as the Cross Fit playlists; it’s nice to try something different at home. For an at home workout, these videos are really good, very informative, clear and easy to follow, I will certainly be using them more at home! 

Have you tried the POPSUGAR videos? Xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review - Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter

Korres Lip Butter Wild Rose Swatch

Korres Lip Butter Wild Rose Swatch
Korres Wild Rose - £8 -
There are always products that everyone raves about that I'm not sure off as its a product I wouldn't normally use but it still sits on my wishlist - the Korres Lip Butters are one such product. On a shopping trip to London with my mum, we sheltered from the rain in Liberty and I found myself standing in front of the Korres stand, swatching everything. As the rain stopped, I left the shop with my little Liberty bag, nestling inside was Wild Rose.

Korres describe their lip butters as being a buttery lip balm which melts on the lips, leaving a shiny tinted finish. They contain Shea Butter and Rice Wax which both offer deep hydration and softness. They do not contain any mineral oil, silicone oil, propylene glycol or ethanolamine - so all good really.

 You do need to apply this with your finger, which can be a bit of a pain as you end up needing a tissue after to clean off any excess, plus a mirror is a must. The colour isn't overly strong, however it can be built up to give a much deeper colour, perfect for this transition into spring. I prefer to pat it on like a stain and then build it up for a night out. Lasting time isn't very long I find, but I don't mind too much as my lips still feel soft and hydrated.

For £8, they are a bit more pricey then most lip balms, but I would be happy to add more to my collection as they are better then most other balms. 

What do you think about the Korres Balms? Have you tried any others? xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

NOTD - Models Own HyperGel Red Lustre

NOTD - Models Own Hypergel Red Lustre

NOTD - Models Own Hypergel Red Lustre

NOTD - Models Own Hypergel Red Lustre
£5 - Boots
I don't go for red nails normally, its a colour that I find hard to pull off with my pink toned skin but after seeing lots of reviews and swatches I thought I would try it out.

Red Lustre is a true, blue toned red that is simply gorgeous! Two coats, and it is smooth and shiny. This wore really well, no chipping which is amazing, instead it was only tip wear that I would expect from a weeks wear. 

For £5 its a mega babe of a polish and one that I will reach for again and again I'm sure! If this polish was a lipstick, this would be the best red lipstick ever - now I just need to search for that! 

What do you think of Red Lustre? Have you tried any of the other Hypergels? xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Makeup - This Week #7

Another week, another round of make up. Having finished up a couple of bits last week, it is time to dip back into the stash & pull out some oldies!

This week I'm going for natural make up, I haven't got time for a lot of faff, plus the weather is getting warmer so I don't want stuff that will slide off my face!

This Week -

- Seventeen Matte Finish Foundation - nearly all used up!
- Benefit It Stick & Fake Up concealer - one for under eyes & one for face

Eyes & Brows;
- Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes - nearly all used up
- Laura Mercier Cream liner in Espresso
- Benefit Browzing
- Rimmel Scandeleyes Liner
Not pictured
Maybelline The Rocket Mascara (oops)

I didn't mean for this to be a Benefit heavy week, just kinda happens sometimes! Oh well, a busy week a head calls for a few treats to use!

What do you think of my selection this week? Anything you use & love? Xx

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Review - Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara

Review - Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara

Review - Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara

Review - Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara

Rimmel have some awesome products in their range at the moment, from their lipsticks to their foundations, everything is on point and makes up a large part of my collection.

When Retro Glam mascara came out, I initially ignored it as I was in love with Benefit They're Real and Maybelline Falsies, but after seeing reviews I ended up caving, especially when it was on offer.

Advertised as giving full 60's style lashes that are fuller, thicker and fanned out without the need for false lashes, a bold claim for a mascara. The brush is HUGE! It has a curved design which is meant to help curve out the lases to make ten appear fuller and fanned out. I tend to find the brush quite messy but I've slowly got used to it.

The formula is quite a wet formula but its goes one think and black, building up quickly to create full lashes - I don't know about fanned out but they are very full looking. Its one of my favourite mascaras, it goes on and stays on.

Its one that has lasted me a long time, plus I always seem to go back to it when I need something fuller without the price tag. Currently on 3 for 2 in Boots, Rimmel Retro Glam is £6.99 and well worth it as it is a total bargain! 

Have you tried it? xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday Workout #1

I don't remember a time where I didn't dance, I started ballet way back when I was 3 and I only stopped at 16 due to a serious injury, but I've continued to dance in some form or other since then (in my pjs counts right?!) I still dance in a gym class each week, but part of me really misses ballet, there's something about being elegant and graceful, plus every little girl wants to be a ballerina some day.

When I saw that Sweaty Betty had an online class in Ballet along with their instore Get Fit 4 Free classes, I knew I had to give it a go. So I threw on some lycra, dug out the old leg warmers and took to the living room, praying no one could see me through the window.

You get a warm up, arm session, cardio session and then an intense stretching session, all in 40 mins. As I've previously danced, the moves were ones that I knew, but if you were totally new to it you would pick them up to. The routine is fast paced and you do get sweaty very quickly. You're shown some of the moves first and then encouraged to switch on the music and watch on full screen.

After the first session, I hurt a bit, I've lost a lot of flexibilty so need to work on that, but now I've done it 3 times, I'm feeling much better, its becoming comfortable again. 

For a free class, this is one that is very good plus doing it at home means no excuses,  you don't need any equipment or special kit, bare feet and a bit of space and you good to go.

If you want to check it out then head over to 

Were you a ballerina? xx

Mothers Day Gifts Under £30 from Lookfantastic

Mothers Day Gifts Under £30 from Lookfantastic

Mothers Day is around the corner and because of buying a house, things are a little bit tight this year so I've been hunting out the best buys on a budget. I've set a limit of £30 for my mum this year, she has helped so much with all the house stuff that I want to treat her to something nice.

I headed over to as they do some really good deals and I know that my mum would love something to pamper herself with as she works hard as a nurse. 

1) L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand &Foot Duo (£22) – Mum works hard as a nurse, looking after poorly people, looking after us, so her hands deserve a treat so this is perfect, plus I know it smells amazing as I have them!
2) Pixi Perfection Palette (£24) - Lit-Up Lovely couldn't be a better name for a palette, this one is perfect for mums everywhere - lots of neutral and soft pink colours, nothing harsh or over powering, great for neutral looks.
3) Elizabeth Arden Pretty EDP 30ml (£30) - This is something that I know mum would love, its a soft and subtle fragrance, perfect for spring, plus its a small enough bottle that it fits in a handbag without being heavy. 
4) Elizabeth Arden 8hr Intensive LipRepair Balm (£16.80) - A pot that I remember being on mum's bedside table as a kid, she tends to stick to cheaper brands now, so I might treat her this year.
5) OPI Take 10 Mini Kit (£28.50) - Being a nurse, mum can't wear a lot of nail polish but that doesn't mean she can't treat herself to a pedicure. This kit contains some of my favourite colours including Lincoln Park After Dark and You Don't Know Jacques.

So there we have it, all my picks for Mothers Day from, head over to check out them and loads of others.
What bits would you pick for your mum? What else could I get her? xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review - Urban Decay Naked 3

Review Urban Decay Naked 3

Review Urban Decay Naked 3

Way back in January was my birthday and I was luckiest enough to be bought the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. It’s taken me ages to review it because I've spent a lot of time playing with it, using it to create day looks and night out looks, so I now feel I know it well enough to talk about it.

This was released before Xmas, a more pink-toned sister to the warm Naked 1 and cool Naked 2. For someone pale, this is the most flattering of the three palettes. With 12 new, warm toned colours, this is one that everyone should have.

I love that this one is housed in a tin rather than the cardboard packaging of the first. It’s strong and sturdy, perfect for travelling, plus the mirror is really clear - I have been known to pull this out on the train for touch ups. You get a double ended brush, one smaller and denser the other a lot fluffier, perfect for blending.

I've not swatched the colours as everyone and their dog knows what they look like, plus Temptalia does as much better job than I would ever do! Out of all the colours my most used ones are Nooner (medium pinky-brown matte), Liar (medium metallic mauve shimmer) and Factory (pinky-brown satin), their great for a wash of colour on their own, or mixed with others to create more dimension.

All of colours are highly pigmented, soft and blendable meaning that even I can create perfect eye looks. There is some fall out, but I find it easier to do my eyes first so it doesn't bother me.

You get a sample of the different Primer Potions with the set as well, I've used most for nights out, and it does help the longevity of the colours, plus I have oily skin so they don't stay put so well.

Over all, this is my go to palette for day or night, it’s easier to wear and one that I enjoy using.

What do you think, one that you love? How do you wear yours? Xx

Monday, 17 March 2014

NOTD - Models Own HyperGel in White Light

White nails are not something I would normally go for but I've fallen in love with them because of this polish! Models Own HyperGel in White Light is perfect!

White Light is a gorgeous, pure white, no hint of yellow that you sometimes get. Not flat thanks to the gel element, it is perfect on its own or as a base for other nail too coats.

The formula of this one was better then some of the others, it went on smoother & dried evenly & quickly, not bed cover marks for me! The finish is  super shiny and lasted well up to 5 days before cracks started to appear.

 I think this will be a colour to rock with tanned skin in the summer, layer up under some of the glitters & play around as a base for nail art - the perfect canvas.

Overall, this is in my top 3 from the collection, I really rate White Light a lot, Well Done Models Own.

What do you think? White nails a trend for summer? Xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lifestyle - 27 before 27

do something!

So last year I set myself the challenge of completing 26 different things before I turned 26, if you read this post then you know how I did!

I enjoyed pushing myself to do it so thought I would set myself a new target for this year, but 27 things this time! I know I'm a couple of months late with starting this one, Its been 2 months since I turned 26 but life has been a bit busy! 

So, this year I plan to

  1. - Take more pictures with a film camera
  2. - Print 10 pictures each month for a photo album
  3. - Read & review 2 books a month
  4. - Save £1500
  5. - Have a proper manicure & pedicure
  6. - Have a spa day
  7. - Own a small digital camera
  8. - Visit another city
  9. - Do a walking photography course in London
  10. - Own a dog
  11. - Pay off the sofa (£350 to go!)
  12. - Visit Paris
  13. - Hold a blog sale
  14. - Guest Post on someone else's blog
  15. - Have a facial
  16. - Fit into a pair of Topshop Jeans
  17. - Dye my hair another colour
  18. - Try the 5:2 diet
  19. - Whiten my teeth
  20. - Redecorate the bedroom
  21. - Try more nail art
  22. - Start a photography blog
  23. - Learn how to create water marks
  24. - Get out & about with my camera at least once a month
  25. - Attend an event (wedding, christening, birthday)
  26. - Wear lipstick once a week 
  27. - Take a ballet class
So there we have it – my list to try and tick off this year! Only 10 months to go!

What’s on your list? xx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Review - AMIE Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser

Review - AMIE Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser

I've finally settled into a routine that I like with my skin, a good double cleanse, tone and then moisturiser, the products used vary depending on the time of day.

Currently, as my day cream, I'm using the AMIE Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser*. AMIE is not a brand I've heard of previously, but a litter research has found that it’s a company that prides itself on producing products which are 'completely free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, animal extracts and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans' I must admit, it’s not normally something I've ever looked into, but I'm glad I've tried it.

For those of us with oily but dehydrated skin, it can be so hard finding something that will hydrate the skin but not leave you looking like an oil slick. This moisturise is matte finish so you are left with soft, dewy skin, perfect for applying make-up afterwards, plus it last really well - no flaky skin for me!

This 100ml bottle lasts ages, I've been using it about 3 months so far and still have a lot left, and a little really does go a long way! My skins not reacted to it, it’s soft and hydrated and my foundation stays put for most of the day. I've recommended this to friends after they tried some before a night out, I know they've both picked them up so it’s well loved!

You can pick this up from HQ Hair for £9.90 along with the AMIE Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash, a bargain really; I will be picking up another tube when this runs out!

Have you heard of AMIE products before? Do you look into the ingredients that a product contains? Xx

Monday, 10 March 2014

NOTD - Models Own HyperGel Blue Glint

NOTD ModelsOwn Hypergel Blue Glint

NOTD ModelsOwn Hypergel Blue Glint

Firstly I would like to apologise for the awful state of these swatches, for some really annoying reason, this polish stayed squidgy even after it dried, so any material it comes into contact with becomes imprinted! 

Anywhoo, another polish from the HyperGel collection from Models Own. Blue Glint is one of my favourite colours, a gorgeous clear sky blue, perfect and light, great for spring. It is a very true light blue, no hint of purple or red like some others.

Its a lovely, creamy polish that covers well in two coats, and lasts about 5 days before growth & tip wear become most obvious. Keep the layers thin as I think this may be where I went wrong as the others have all worked fine, will try this one out again soon. 

For £5, this is a bargain, you can pick it up from Boots on the 3 for 2.

What do you think of Blue Glint? xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

In the Sun

Just a few pictures from my afternoon wandering around Cassiobury Park in Watford. It was so nice to wake up to sunshine this morning, so after a lazy start we headed over to the park & had a wander about and a walk up the canal.

It's nice just being outside as well as enjoying the first ice cream of the year!

What did you so with your day? Xx

Make up - This Week #5

I've been terrible with this, but just recently things have been busy, plus using up loads of stuff doesn't inspire me to dig through and find stuff not that near to the end. However a night out has forced me to dig out some bits and change it up for this week!

Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation (Old Packaging)
Bourjois Bronzing Primer
Benefit It Stick

Eyes & Brows:
Benefit Browzing
Maybelline Brow Drama
Collection Eye-shadow Pencil Hot Chocolate & Vanilla Sky
Maybelline Cat Eye Collossal Mascara

Those are the picks for this week, what bits are you using this week? xxx

Monday, 3 March 2014

NOTD - Models Own Hyper Gel Naked Glow

NOTD - Models Own Hypergel Naked Glow Swatches

NOTD - Models Own Hypergel Naked Glow Swatches

I feel like its been ages since I painted my nails, the last couple of weeks its been mad at work so painting nails as been the furthest ting away from my mind, but after a little order from Models Own arriving, I'm ready to paint my nails every day if possible!

So in the Models Own sale, I picked up the full Hyper Gel collection - I love the gel finish from Barry M so am keen to compare these!

First up, Naked Glow. Nude and natural, this is a creamy beige colour, a nice easy to wear colour for spring. This is one I would gravitate towards as a base colour for something glittery, or to use as a contrast for a bright nail art pattern over the top. The most work appropriate of the colours, Naked Glow will be on my nails for a lot of  the spring I think.

The formula is smooth, soft and fully opaque in two coats, leaving you with the gel like finish as promised. Its very shiny, spot on for the gel finish. I think if your after the look of gel without the price tag then the Hyper gels are a great dupe.

How do they compare to the Barry M - its a hard call. Naked Glow is very similar to Lychee from Barry M in colour and finish - I think the Models Own are slightly shinier.

For £5, you can pick these up from Boots, their currently 3 for 2, or pick them up from Models Own's website.

What do you think of Naked Glow? Have you tried the Hyper Gel's? xx