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Monday, 30 January 2012

Shopping my Stash #1

Evening lovelies, hope your well and enjoying your Monday. 

This week I've decided to start shopping my stash after being inspired by The Sunday Girl Blog. I'm on a strict spending ban as I have too much and so I want to revive some of my stash that I have forgotten about. So on with the products.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
17 Hide Away Concealer 
Benefit Georgia 
Benefit Bella Bamba Blush


Urban Decay Naken Palette
Models Own Big Volumising Brush mascara
MUA Eye Lid Primer
HD Brows in Foxy 

Just a few bits, but I'm trying to mix things up and use what I have. 

Have you tried shopping your stash?

Thanks for reading xx

Sunday, 29 January 2012

This Weeks Ups & Down #4

Afternoon lovelies, hope you've had a good weekend, can't believe how quick Monday has come around again!!

Looking back over this week, it seems it's been really quiet!


  • This week I've had some great success with eBay, making £60 to go toward my camera fund, so hopefully will be closer to buying a camera soon!!

  • As well as eBaying some items I didn't want I also donated a massive Ikea bag full of clothes to some different charities. I was holding on to stuff I didn't wear in the hope of slimming into them but I haven't in 4 years and won't any time soon.


  • Having no money. It's nearly payday but I've put myself on a spending ban as I have too many clothes and products that need using and I need to clear my cards and overdraft, but still knowing that I have no money makes me nervous.

  • Seeing my reflection. The diet and exercise isn't going so well and has kinda stalled so the mirror has been covered up in my room as I hate looking in it. I don't know what's gig on as I'm at the gym most night for classes but seeing no difference on the scales, need some motivation and something :(

So that's this week, sort of a blah week really.

Thanks for reading xx

PS here's a picture to make you smile :)


Saturday, 28 January 2012


Evening lovelies, hope your well and enjoying your day. 

So next Saturday I'm going to have my hair cut and I'm looking for a change as I get bored of my hair quickly. I'm always looking for inspiration and since the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel appears to be everywhere I've started craving a full fringe. I have a long face so have had a fringe all my life to break up the length and so I'm tempted with this!  

Here are some gorgeous ladies with full fringes that I'm loving at the moment! 


I've got a week to decide, so watch this space, there might be a hair surprise next week!

Thanks for reading xx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lip Saviours by Burts Bees

Evening lovelies, hope your well and Thursday has been kind to you!

Recently the weather has really been wreaking havoc on my skin, it's blotchy and red, it's too dry or too oily, it really doesn't know what is going on! However my lips have never been in better condition and it's all thanks to Burts Bees!!!

I was recently sent some products to try, having never tried anything from the range I was super excited when I opened the parcel to find 4 products!! Two hair care products and two lip products, a review of the hair care will follow soon, I just want to test it out properly but I couldn't wait to show you the lip care products :)

I was sent the Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm and the Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia. Both are made from 100% Natural ingredients and are super hydrating.

The Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm is living on my desk at work and I usually apply it when I get to school at 8 and then dont need to reapply it until break time, a good 3 hours later and it's more an application because I've licked it off after a much needed brew! My lips are usually so dry and flakey but this has really helped, and it's stopped my bad habit of picking at them when I'm stressed out!!

The Tinted Lip balm is 100% natural like the other one, but with a gorgeous red tint. The colour is a berry red which adds a nice stain to my lips that lasted for ages. The colour it is on your lips is very dependent on your natural lip pigment but people said it complimented my fair skin :)

Ingredients include Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter and Shea Butter so if these three don't give you smooth supple lips then nothing will! 

These retail for £3.69 for the lip balm and £5.99 for the tinted balm from Boots. I haven't seen these in my local store but they are available online so well worth a look! They are both hypo-allergenic as there are not artificial ingredients.

So what do you think? Have you used Burts Bees, if so is there anything else I need to try?

Thanks for reading xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

This Weeks Ups and Downs #3

Evening lovelies, hope you've had a good weekend and are enjoying your Sunday. Another week has passed and it feels like it got away from me a bit but looking back it was quite a good week!

  • I finally got my bedroom table sorted out and had a good clear out. I posted a picture on Instagram and it looks amazing now, just hope I can keep it like this! 
  • Had an observation on Friday by our new headteacher. It was the first time he's seen me teach and I got really good feedback which I'm really please with as I wasn't sure about my lesson but it went well and the kids enjoyed it as well!
  • I'm enjoying being back in a gym routine, it is still really painful but I'm getting back into it. I go to 2 spinning classes, 2 BodyJam classes, 1 BodyCombat class and then if I can get in the gym as well then thats a bonus. I'm going to take a photo of what I look like soon and then compare in a few months.

  • It's over a week until payday and there are so many things I want to buy! I'm also on a spending ban to help me save up for my camera and then clear my debts on my credit and store cards.
  • It's got very cold this week, which makes it hard on playground duty but I'm enjoying wrapping up in lots of layers.

Not many this week as its been a busy week but life is ok at the moment. How's your week been this week?

On a separate note, I'm looking for bloggers to guest post for me during February with posts on low cost products, money saving ideas, tips and tricks, and anything under £15!!! If your interested leave your e-mail below and I will contact you! 

Thanks for reading xx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Project Camera

Morning lovelies, hope your enjoying your weekend, the weather is quite lovely today :)

So I may have mentioned it a few times but I'm after a new camera and have been looking to move to a DSLR. I've wanted a decent camera since my dad got one many years ago and I quite enjoy taking pictures!

So I asked about and have set my heart on one now, only problem is that it is £500+!!! So the saving has started.

I've already got half of that thanks to my family for my birthday but now I need to get the rest, so I am on a spending ban, instead I am looking to sell as much on eBay as possible as I have a lot of junk!!!

I'm not going to do blog sales as mine are never successful but I will link my beats on here at some point! So hopefully I will get there soon!!

Don't know what the point of this was, just wanted a little ramble as I sort out my stuff into sell, charity and keep!!!

Anywhoo, have a good day :)


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My 24th Birthday Weekend

Eveing lovelies, hope your all well, half way through the week so woohoo. It's taken me a few days to get all the pictures together, especially off my phone.

So here is my Birthday!!

1) Me all wrapped up on the train into London - it was so cold!
2)Legally Blonde!! we managed to pick up tickets up cheaper on the day and we were so close to the stage. The musical was amazing!
3)Lunch on Sunday. This is the platter I shared with my brother, sister and boyfriend at lunch in a country pub, it was yummy!
4)Handbag from my baby brother :)
5) Earings from Andy, white gold tear drops with a small diamond in each.
6) New Shoes!! I picked these and had to look at them all week wrapped up, but they are gorgeous shoes from Topshop!
7) A really cute little note I came home to on Monday from Lauren over at to say happy birthday :) ( You all need to check out her lovely blog!) 

So there is my birthday, didn't get a chance to photograph my outfits but I'm sure I will wear it again at some point and will get a picture! This birthday was brilliant, can't wait for next years!  

Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 16 January 2012

This Weeks Ups and Downs #2

Evening lovelies, hope you've had a good first day of the week.

This weekend was a bit hectic so I didn't get a chance to write this yesterday as it was my birthday weekend, but I shall tell you more in another post. On with this weeks ups and downs.


  • It was my Birthday on Saturday!!! Ok so I couldnt resist mentioning it, I had such a lovely weekend and was totally spoilt by my family and friends! Spent Saturday in London with my mum and sister and then had a nice Sunday with the whole family and went out for a yummy meal!
  • Camera fund is growing nicely :D So I asked mostly for money for my birthday as I really want a Digital SLR, and I think I want a Canon EOS 600D as I'm planning on taking a photography course at some point and want to get better at my pictures so I'm about half way there now.

  • America's Next Top Model is on right now! I love Top Model and this series is going to be amazing as its all the favourites from the past 16 series and today is Makeover day!
  • My friend finally had her baby. Well she actually had her before Christmas but I only met her last Thursday and she is the most adorable little thing in the world! So tiny and pretty, could just cuddle her all day!
  • I'm having serious skin issues at the moment. Don't know why but my skin is really bad at the moment. I have lots of little non spots under my skin on my cheeks and so I'm hoping now I've picked up a new head for my Clarisonic that it will clear up.
  • Stress at school. Its still there, its still building but what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger.
  • Birthday is over :( I love my birthday but I also hate the fact my Birthday is in January as it means I have nothing to break up the year, next set of presents will be Christmas again, but oh well, I shall live.
So there you have it, lots of ups and downs but really this week has been a lovely week. How was your week?

Thanks for reading xx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Fantasy Birthday Wishlist

Afternoon lovelies, can't believe that it is already Friday, which means that it is my Birthday Tomorrow!!!! I can't believe I'm going to be 24, still dont feel old enough to be a proper grown up!

So my presents have been sitting in the living room at the flat for nearly a week and it has been killing me not being allowed to peak so I've taken to guessing ridiculous things that I would want it to be if money was no object! So here are just a few of my Fantasy Birthday Wishlist:
Mulberry Mini Alexa Leather Messenger & Shoulder Handbag, Foggy Grey - £550. How gorgeous is this big. I have never owned a designer handbag yet I lust after one so bad every time we go into John Lewis, one day I might own one, hopefully by Mulberry as it is my favourite brand for bags!

Stella McCartney 

Stella McCartney Fine-Knit Wool Jumpsuit - £715. I really want a simple black jumpsuit, and can't find one at the moment but in my dreams this is my ideal jumpsuit, just need to save the money!

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Printed skull pashmina black khaki
Alexander McQueen Printed Skull Pashmina in Black Khaki - £245. Wowza, this is amazing and gorgeous and everything I could ever want in a pashmina, think I need to dig my fake one out now! 

MICHAEL KORS MK5055 chronograph watch

Michael Kors MK5055 chronograph watch - £199. I think this is on the top of most peoples lists at the moment. I wasn't too fussed about it until I saw it in person in London over Xmas and then it was love.

DIOR Lady Dior palette
Dior Lady Dior Pallette - £61.50. Sadly I can't justify spending this much on a palette but I can put it on my list in my dreams, how cute is the pink bag with the Dior tag. 

Buy Canon EOS 600D with 18-55mm IS Lens  from Jessops

Canon EOS 600D with 18-55mm IS Lens - £549. Ok so this is on my list because I am currently saving up for it and am hoping I get money for my birthday to help towards this. I don't know if this is exactly the camera I want but its along the lines of this one so who knows, hopefully by my next birthday I will have it!

So there you have it, my Fantasy Birthday Wishlist, how much does all this cost? A totally possible £2319.50, completely doable right?! (Please note I am joking, this is totally a dream list, if I had that money it would be going towards a house!)

Why not have a go and make up your own Fantasy list, I might start doing this more often, its fun to spend extreme amounts of imaginary money!

Thanks for reading xx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

January's Feel Unique Beauty Box

Afternoon lovelies, hope your well and enjoying Thursday, the weekend is in sight, Birthday countdown is on!

There were loads of reviews over Christmas of the Glossybox and all the lovely things in their box, but then some reviews for the Feel Unique box started to pop up and I loved what they had in them so I had to sign up and see for myself.

I recieved my box on Monday and I am so please I signed up, more for the actual box then for the contents at this point!

The theme of this months box is 'New Year, New You' and all the products are designed to help refresh and get  ready for the new year. In this months box I got:

  • Lierac Creme Mesolift Anti-Aging Radiance Cream - £29.80
  • Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing Samplex2 -  £12.25 full size
  • Caudalie Vinothrapie Nourishing Body Lotion Sample - £21.95 full size
  • Phyto PhytoBaume Colour Protect Express Conditioner Sample - £9.20 full size
  • this works Clean Skin for the Face Sample - £16.20 full size

There is also a little sample of something but I have misplaced this at this exact moment!

I'm keen to use most of these products, I like the look of the conditioner as I need one now I've re-dyed my hair, however the Anti-ageing cream might find a new home with my mum (might ask her to post about it!)

What I'm most excited about is using the box after as a cute way to store my make-up! How cute does it look!!!

So the Feel Unique beauty box this month will be hit and miss for a lot of people but I quite like it, and I'm sure I will review everything once I've used up everything else I have on the go at the moment.

You can sign up at Feel Unique by following this link, and for £9.95 inc postage I think I will give it a chance, but I love the box! Have you received your box yet, if so what do you think.

Thanks for reading xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Knickers & Nailpolish first - La Senza Underwear!!!

Afternoon lovelies, hope you well and Tuesday hasn't been too bad for you?

At the weekend I had to take back some items that I had been given for Xmas as they were the wrong size. One of the places that I had to head to was La Senza to swap some PJs.

La Senza have an exchange policy for items with a gift receipt so I found out how much I had to spend and then wandered round browsing the sale. 

And this is what I got!

I picked up this gorgeous ditsy print full bra and pant set which I thought was really cute! The bra should have been £20 and the pants £10 but they were both half price so I got them for £15 which was great, I might need to go back and pick up some more.

So there is it, the first ever appearance of Knickers on Knickers & Nailpolish and I love them!

Thanks for reading! xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

This Weeks Ups and Downs #1

Evening lovelies, hope your all doing well and enjoying your weekend.

I thought I would start a little thing where I recap my week based on the ups and downs of my week - very much inspired by Leanne over on where she recounts her highs and lows or the week.


  • *      This week the Xmas holiday’s ended and we headed back to school. I always enjoy going back as I look forward to seeing my children and finding out what they have been up to – also our topic this half term is ‘Blood, Bones and Body Bits’ so its really gruesome and gorey!

  • *      Next Saturday is my birthday and I am so excited for it! It feels like ages since I last had a birthday at a weekend and we have so much planned for that day, with my mum and sister coming down to me and we’re spending the day in London! Also the boy bought my present yesterday so it is now sitting wrapped up in the living room but I’m not allowed to peeky at it L

  • *      Over Christmas I have been loving my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and have finally got into a routine of cleaning my skin every day twice a day which is wonderful for me!

  • *      Yesterday I dyed my hair bright red again. I’ve had it red for some time but it had started to fade and my roots were screaming at everyone who dared to look at them. So I picked up a couple of boxes of dye is a brighter shade then my normal one and I am loving it! Will try and get a decent pic tomorrow!


  • *      Although I love going back to school, I’m feeling very low about it. There have been a lot of changes recently and this has added a lot of pressure to everyone and it doesn’t often feel like we are getting any positive praise from our senior management. I’m sure things will settle soon but it’s tough at the moment.

  • *      As well as feeling low at work, I have had someone comment on my blog in a negative way. They have been posting anonymously on my last 10 posts commenting on my posts, my writing style and one comment even went as far as commenting on my appearance and body size. I nearly deleted the blog this week but my wonder blogging family convinced me otherwise on twitter so I'm still here!

So there you have it, my ups and downs of the week – hopefully will get some more of these each week.

What have been your ups and downs of the week?

Позитивные работы от Heng Swee Lim
Thanks for reading xx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Better late then never...What I got for Christmas!!

Evening ladies, hope your well, this is my first post of the New Year so Happy New Year everyone! 

I've been lucky enough to have 3 Christmas days this year so it has taken a bit longer to get all my pictures together what with heading straight back to work yesterday! 

So here it is, I've thrown everything together to try and limit the pictures for you, so lets get going!

 Beauty bits: CK Shock Perfume set, Naked Pallette, Real Techniques Blending and Stippling Brushes, Daly Glamour face set, Benefit Project Flawless Kit, Lush Bath Bomb.

 Stocking surprises: Colour Works polish collection, Hint tabs, Gruffalo, Monkey Tissues, Pig Key Ring, Silly Putty, Penguin Rubbers, My gorgeous stocking from my boyfriend.

Smelly Stuff: Bayliss and Harding Foot Spa set, Baylis and Harding Bath Set x 2, Virgin Vie Bath Set.

Can't get the picture to turn for some reason :(
Books, Games and DVDs: James Corden Autobiography, Cars 2, Bridesmaids, Peter Kay Live, Just Dance 3.

I got so much stuff, I am really lucky, I also got a lot of chocolates from my class, but in the spirit of Christmas and to stop me living off it for weeks I gave it away to my local food banks for families less fortunate then me.

I have a few other bits that I haven't shown you are their are things like socks and mugs and there are few things I'm taking back as the sizing is all wrong but I love every single thing that I have been given!

I hope you had a great Christmas and got lots of lovely things as well, now need to write my Birthday list for next week!!

Thanks for reading xx