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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wednesday Lunchbox #1

So I know a lot of people do a What I Ate post, but I thought I would change it up a bit. On a Wednesday, I plan to show you what's in my lunch box, to give you ideas of healthy lunches that are low cost but full of flavour!

I try & keep my lunches as a fairly big meal, however I follow a paleo style diet with protein rich foods, and as much of it in its natural state - I notice a big difference when I eat too much processed stuff, especially with my IBS (tmi maybe?)

For lunch today, I've got:

- Homemade burgers with courgette & celery in
- Lettuce & low fat mayo bun
- mixed salad - peppers, cucumber & celery
- Tomato soup

As a tiny extra, I thought I would tell you about a massive sale thats going on over on my favourite site to buy Protein from! The Protein Works produce some of the best flavours of protein I have ever used, my favourite being the Butterscotch flavour. As well as that, I also use the large tubs of peanut butter as they are great value and last ages, I have to fight the boy off from using it all up!

I've already placed my order for Protein Pancake mix at 40% off thats £8 for a kilo, a huge tub of Peanut Butter and stocked up on my favourite protein powder at 10% off!  This sale is only on until Sunday, but head over and try some out, they are the best on the market as far as I'm concerned!

Head over to the Protein Works to check out the sale!

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  1. I'd love too see a recipe to those burgers!


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