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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Life - What I got for Xmas '13

Before we start, this is not a post bragging, nor am I comparing my gifts to anyone else, I like these types of posts as it's an excuse to be nosey.

So this Xmas was spent at my parents; then new year at the boys mums. I hadn't asked for anything big so I wasn't expecting anything big, however I got lots of brilliant surprises.

From the boy I got a camera rucksack, Bobbi Brown Palette, the pug/bulldog candle, some Lush treats, a jumper from Topshop and some other bits!

My parents gave me lots of little treats, a Yankee candle, some more Lush, a jumper from River Island, new slipper boots and a massive tin of biscuits. My Nan's also gave us a red letter day voucher, which we've spent on a tastecard!

My sister & brother got me some benefit make up, a pug wash bag, new IPad case and some other bits & bobs.

I also got a couple more tops from Topshop from the mother in law, as well as a Pandora charm and some hair care.

Although there was nothing huge, I did get lots of lovely presents, I think I'm at an age now where if I want something big, I simply save for it myself rather than asking for it!

I did pick up some bits in the sales, I will do a separate post on those bits though as I'm still waiting on my Lush order!

Link me up if you have done a post like this. What did you get for Xmas? Xx

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  1. thats a super cute haul hun


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