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Friday, 3 January 2014

Two Stars & a Wish #1

So, this year I've decided to shake it up around here and add in a few new regular features in the hope it will keep me blogging, plus I can't get into a routine with it all as well! This first new series I'm starting is inspired by all the people who do 5 on Friday, but as I'm a teacher, I'm using my least favourite phrase of 2stars and a wish - my kids love it when they see this marking in their books!

For those who don't know, 2stars & a wish is a way of marking that gives two things that the child has done well, plus one thing to improve on next time - I'm going to use this to mark my week, plus i plan to include pictures from my week.

* - A great Christmas at home, fully rested and ready to go back to school. It was nice to spend Christmas at my parents house, although my mum is a real feeder, for some reason we had up to 4 puddings on the go at any one point!
I know I've gained a bit of Xmas chub, but oh well, it was worth it for being so chilled out.

* - Lots of lovely, exciting presents from Christmas, I have been well & truly spoilt this year, from make up to clothes, plus loads of Lush stuff! Plus I treated myself to some bits from Lush in the sales so I can't wait to start enjoying those!

Wish - one thing that could have been improved was that we lost the house -boooo - sadly yesterday we got a call to say our seller was pulling out and wouldn't be putting the house back on for another year. I kinda feel like I'm going through a bit of a break up at the moment, I knew deep down something didn't feel quite right with it, but it still hurts a bit. We did start to look but it feel too early, so we will just keep saving for now!

Christmas - Bowl of nuts, Indiana Jones, Xmas tree before and after, I cooked this dinner, drink, no alarm!

Christmas - Comfy dog, Boxing Day Buffet, Panto, Champagne, Tree in Croydon, Grumpy Face, Small Sale Haul! 

So there we go, my first week! A good end of 2013 but a crap start to 2014 - oh well, it can only improve! 

How was you week? Xx


  1. Christmas is all about eating too much. I know I did!

    Happy New Year!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. Ahhh 2 stars and a wish - I feel proud to have 'got' that one before reading the explanation in your post haha...such a fab idea to use it on here though I LOVE IT <3

    As for your 2 stars, so glad you had a good Christmas lovelyy, and even if you didn't get the house, it obviously wasn't just the right one and it will be written in the stars (hopefully one of next months) that a different and even better house is destined to be yours :D

    Holly Mixtures


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