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Saturday, 11 January 2014

On the Scales #2

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Good morning!

Currently on my way to the gym, kinda afraid as I'm still in pain from Thursday.

This week was the week to get back on the horse with the healthy eating and at the gym, three classes this week, I'm building back up to my old routine, two dance classes and a core class are enough for this week!

So, the scores for this week

Last Week - 

Weight - 196lb (14st)
Body Fat % - 36%
BMI 28.9

This Week - 
Weight: 194lb (-2lbs)
Body Fat: No idea, scales not working! 
BMI: 28.6

No measurements this weeks, I doubt there would be much change in a week without a serious amount of toning work in the gym. 

This plan for next week is to get back doing some more toning sessions, these will have to be at home as the boy needs the car to get to swim training so I'm stuck to home workouts, tempted by the new Vicki from Geordie Shore's workout dvd - 10min blasts sound awesome, plus getting back into the Tone It Up & Blogilates youtube videos. I've also been pinning lots of inspiration this week over on my Pinterest if you fancy it, click here if you fancy checking some of them out.

How has your first week of January been? xx

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