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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

26 Before 26 - A final Update

So last year, just before my birthday, I set myself the challenge of completing a list of 26 things before I turned 26, and I enjoyed working my way through them, however I didn't complete all of them but I gave them my best shot!

  • Save £1000  Yay! Saved more than this!
  • Go to the beach Went to Brighton & Spain
  • Walk in the countryside every week
  • Be a tourist in London Loved wandering around London, need to again
  • See a musical - Saw Matilda (27/07/13)
  • Complete a project 10 pan
  • Complete a project bathroom
  • Take a photo daily
  • Read and review two books a month
  • Pay off my store cards - its about £500 now that I don't need as we want to buy a house One card paid off, one more to go!
  • Visit Scotland
  • Save £10 a month for a treat
  • Cook one new meal a week from a cook book Loved cooking, I've cooked so much!
  • Take lunch to school every day  I have done this, so much better!
  • Buy fruit and veg from a market regularly
  • Visit Harry Potter World ( I live opposite so I should really!)
  • Blog regularly (3x a week)
  • Bake something new on a Sunday every week - any suggestions welcome!
  • Visit the major cities in England (Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, any others ?)
  • Learn to make Dim Sum!
  • Be a better blogger - commenting on others and replying to my own comments. 
  • Make home made ravioli
  • Find a location to take OOTD 
  • Post OOTD posts
  • Write a hand written letter to someone
  • Shop my stash weekly
11 out of 26, not bad but not great, however I really enjoyed trying to. I might ever try and do this again before next birthday!

Have you set yourself any targets for this year? xx

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