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Sunday, 5 January 2014

On the Scales #1

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Oh look, another series! - This was meant to go live yesterday, but annoyingly I found it lurking in my scheduled posts - naughty blogger! 

So I didn't put any fitness goals in my New Years resolution post on Wednesday, I decided to keep them for a new series on Saturdays.

Last year I was doing really well with my fitness, however when December hit, I lost all motivation, plus began making excuses and stopped going to the gym and eating right.

Now it's 2014, I'm back on the fitness train, I'm not setting a specific goal for my weight, instead I know what I want to be, and this year I will get there.

I plan to track my weight every week on a Saturday before I go to BodyJam, and I will update my measurements every two weeks on here as well.

So, the big numbers:

Weight - 196lb (14st)
Thigh - 26 inch
Bum - 45 inch
Hips - 42 inch
Waist - 34 inch
Bust - 36 inch
Arms - 14 inch
Body Fat % - 36%
BMI 28.9

Now I'm not focusing on on the BMI as I don't believe it to be a good indication, however my Body Fat % has crept back up which is annoying but I will get on back on with this. I will be posting my lunch during the week to show you what I'm eating as well as the occasional gym routine or even a playlist! 

What are your fitness goals? What's your favourite exercise? xx

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