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Sunday, 22 January 2012

This Weeks Ups and Downs #3

Evening lovelies, hope you've had a good weekend and are enjoying your Sunday. Another week has passed and it feels like it got away from me a bit but looking back it was quite a good week!

  • I finally got my bedroom table sorted out and had a good clear out. I posted a picture on Instagram and it looks amazing now, just hope I can keep it like this! 
  • Had an observation on Friday by our new headteacher. It was the first time he's seen me teach and I got really good feedback which I'm really please with as I wasn't sure about my lesson but it went well and the kids enjoyed it as well!
  • I'm enjoying being back in a gym routine, it is still really painful but I'm getting back into it. I go to 2 spinning classes, 2 BodyJam classes, 1 BodyCombat class and then if I can get in the gym as well then thats a bonus. I'm going to take a photo of what I look like soon and then compare in a few months.

  • It's over a week until payday and there are so many things I want to buy! I'm also on a spending ban to help me save up for my camera and then clear my debts on my credit and store cards.
  • It's got very cold this week, which makes it hard on playground duty but I'm enjoying wrapping up in lots of layers.

Not many this week as its been a busy week but life is ok at the moment. How's your week been this week?

On a separate note, I'm looking for bloggers to guest post for me during February with posts on low cost products, money saving ideas, tips and tricks, and anything under £15!!! If your interested leave your e-mail below and I will contact you! 

Thanks for reading xx

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