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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Project Camera

Morning lovelies, hope your enjoying your weekend, the weather is quite lovely today :)

So I may have mentioned it a few times but I'm after a new camera and have been looking to move to a DSLR. I've wanted a decent camera since my dad got one many years ago and I quite enjoy taking pictures!

So I asked about and have set my heart on one now, only problem is that it is £500+!!! So the saving has started.

I've already got half of that thanks to my family for my birthday but now I need to get the rest, so I am on a spending ban, instead I am looking to sell as much on eBay as possible as I have a lot of junk!!!

I'm not going to do blog sales as mine are never successful but I will link my beats on here at some point! So hopefully I will get there soon!!

Don't know what the point of this was, just wanted a little ramble as I sort out my stuff into sell, charity and keep!!!

Anywhoo, have a good day :)


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  1. Good thing to save for! Its hard to sell things but think of the end goal and it'll be fine!! x


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