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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Better late then never...What I got for Christmas!!

Evening ladies, hope your well, this is my first post of the New Year so Happy New Year everyone! 

I've been lucky enough to have 3 Christmas days this year so it has taken a bit longer to get all my pictures together what with heading straight back to work yesterday! 

So here it is, I've thrown everything together to try and limit the pictures for you, so lets get going!

 Beauty bits: CK Shock Perfume set, Naked Pallette, Real Techniques Blending and Stippling Brushes, Daly Glamour face set, Benefit Project Flawless Kit, Lush Bath Bomb.

 Stocking surprises: Colour Works polish collection, Hint tabs, Gruffalo, Monkey Tissues, Pig Key Ring, Silly Putty, Penguin Rubbers, My gorgeous stocking from my boyfriend.

Smelly Stuff: Bayliss and Harding Foot Spa set, Baylis and Harding Bath Set x 2, Virgin Vie Bath Set.

Can't get the picture to turn for some reason :(
Books, Games and DVDs: James Corden Autobiography, Cars 2, Bridesmaids, Peter Kay Live, Just Dance 3.

I got so much stuff, I am really lucky, I also got a lot of chocolates from my class, but in the spirit of Christmas and to stop me living off it for weeks I gave it away to my local food banks for families less fortunate then me.

I have a few other bits that I haven't shown you are their are things like socks and mugs and there are few things I'm taking back as the sizing is all wrong but I love every single thing that I have been given!

I hope you had a great Christmas and got lots of lovely things as well, now need to write my Birthday list for next week!!

Thanks for reading xx


  1. That is so thoughtful of you to give away your chocs to the food bank :)

  2. So sweet of you to give all your chocolates away! Looks like you got some really nice stuff too - I'm dying to try the Naked palette, is it good?

    Charlotte xo

  3. You got some gorgeous items! The naked palette, amazing <3 hehe. Super sweet to give the chocs away!

  4. Bless you for giving the choccie away! what a star! I hope you love the naked palette, mine is well used, but I have so many alternatives that I have decided not to get the naked 2 when it comes out! x

  5. Lovely presents! I really want that James Cordon book! :D x


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