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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Knickers & Nailpolish first - La Senza Underwear!!!

Afternoon lovelies, hope you well and Tuesday hasn't been too bad for you?

At the weekend I had to take back some items that I had been given for Xmas as they were the wrong size. One of the places that I had to head to was La Senza to swap some PJs.

La Senza have an exchange policy for items with a gift receipt so I found out how much I had to spend and then wandered round browsing the sale. 

And this is what I got!

I picked up this gorgeous ditsy print full bra and pant set which I thought was really cute! The bra should have been £20 and the pants £10 but they were both half price so I got them for £15 which was great, I might need to go back and pick up some more.

So there is it, the first ever appearance of Knickers on Knickers & Nailpolish and I love them!

Thanks for reading! xx


  1. I told you you should post about knickers! Love them! I've got some fab new sets from there recently including a stunning purple silk set.


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