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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My 24th Birthday Weekend

Eveing lovelies, hope your all well, half way through the week so woohoo. It's taken me a few days to get all the pictures together, especially off my phone.

So here is my Birthday!!

1) Me all wrapped up on the train into London - it was so cold!
2)Legally Blonde!! we managed to pick up tickets up cheaper on the day and we were so close to the stage. The musical was amazing!
3)Lunch on Sunday. This is the platter I shared with my brother, sister and boyfriend at lunch in a country pub, it was yummy!
4)Handbag from my baby brother :)
5) Earings from Andy, white gold tear drops with a small diamond in each.
6) New Shoes!! I picked these and had to look at them all week wrapped up, but they are gorgeous shoes from Topshop!
7) A really cute little note I came home to on Monday from Lauren over at to say happy birthday :) ( You all need to check out her lovely blog!) 

So there is my birthday, didn't get a chance to photograph my outfits but I'm sure I will wear it again at some point and will get a picture! This birthday was brilliant, can't wait for next years!  

Thanks for reading xx


  1. so glad you had a lovely weekend! Lucky it fell on a weekend too! Those boots are awesome, they'll go with everything! & thanks for the linky too! xxxxx

    1. I love them, have lived in them at work, want another colour now me thinks!!

      Plus your very welcome :) x

  2. Glad you had a great time! :D It looks amazing, the food looks so yum ;) I love the bag your brother got you!

  3. those boots are so cute! Happy birthday!!

    Marie x


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