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Thursday, 18 December 2014

#Bigblogmasproject2014 Day 18 - Xmas Outfits from @Boohoo

Xmas Outfits from Boohoo

So close to the holidays!!!!! I'm literally counting down the hours now. With only a week to go, one thing that I keep thinking about is what I need to pack whilst travelling around this Christmas. I tend to not really dress up too much over the xmas season, there is too much eating and and chillding out to need overly fancy outfits so the casual style of Boohoo is perfect.

I've picked a range of midi skirts as they are appropriate for most occasions, can easily be dressed up or down and are still flattering, even with a Christmas food baby! Thrown over the top is the obligitory Xmas jumper, I love this one for Xmas eve!

A couple of different dresses to throw on when a dress is needed, but not one that can't be layered under other clothes and even a casual tshirt dress for slobbing out infront of the tv with a pair of leggings or disco pants (does anyone still wear theirs?!)

These are just a few of the bits I might have to pick up or pack into my bag - pop over to Boohoo to have a look, hurry though as delivery before Christmas ends soon.

What bits would you pick? What do you normally wear over the Christmas Period?


  1. I love the berry coloured pieces you have selected! :) xx


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