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Saturday, 6 December 2014

#BigBlogmasproject2014 Day 6 - Cosy Winter Night Lush Stash

There is nothing I love more in Winter then having a good old soak in the bath, so I thought it was high time to show you what I plan on using up to get warm and cosy.

Back in October I made a fairly large Lush order to restock my stash, since then I've used up a lot, but this is what I have left. First up is Butter Bear. I bought two of these, the first went straight in the bath and gives the most creamy and moisturing bath I have had in a long time, no bubbles but leaves your skin all soft and buttery. Next is my Dashing Santa which I picked up on a whim more then anything and he smells amazing, a lovely citrus scent. Two more products that I picked up on smell alone are Northern Lights and The Christmas Hedgehog - have read a few reviews and can't wait to use them. 

A regular in my stash this time of year is Cinders. This is my favourite and if they stop making this one year I might cry! I love the warm smell of christmas this gives off, and the way it fizzes its way around the bath!

Finnaly, two unknowns that I just fancied the look of  are the Snow Angel and the Luxury Lush Pud - what would Christmas be without a pudding and an angel or two - will report back when I have tried these ones out!

So these are what's left in my stash at the moment - I can't wait to get them used and then stock up again, perfect for cosy nights throughout winter!!! 

What is in your Lush stash? xx

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  1. Ooh, lovely stash! I currently have a space girl bath bomb, the you snap the whip body scrub, the rockstar soap and godmother soap!

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