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Monday, 15 December 2014

#BigBlogmasproject2014 - Day 15 - Favourite Christmas Films

Morning all - Day 15, only 11 sleeps to go!! I've spent my weekend doing lots of prep for the last week of school and watching some of my favourite Christmas films. 

I have so many favourites that I start watching from the very first day of  December, its an easy way to get into the Christmas Spirit without getting too excited! Trying to narrow down the choice has been hard but this would be the final 5 I watch in the run up to the big day!

First up is the Grinch, I have introduced my class to this film last week as part of our Literacy learning, I love the book and the film is brilliant as well, really childish, but I know it word for word! Next up, an old favourite in Love Actually, it wouldn't be Christmas without the roller-coaster ride of emotions!  Everyone's favourite has to be Elf, so many quotes from this film that are used throughout December!

A real classic comes next in the form of Miricle on 34th Street - I love it, full of Christmas cheer and a warm, fuzzy feeling, Finally, and one that as a teacher I shouldn't like but feel it reflects the chaos of the Christmas production is Nativity. A truly funny film.

My list is actually endless, I could watch a Christmas film a night and still not get through my full list!

What's your favourite Christmas film? xx

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