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Thursday, 11 December 2014

#BigBlogmasproject2014 Day 11 - Winter Skincare Essential

For some reason, Winter is the time where I stop and think more about skin care then any other time of the year, I think it's because I need to use lots of different bits, plus my skin does some really weird things!

Every year I try new things, but there is one product that is always repurchased - the wonderful Mega Mushroom Skin Relief from Origins. A super hydrating mask, this really packs a punch when your skin is feeling dry and tried thanks to the central heating, alcohol and the weather.

A thick cream that you slather on your face after cleansing and leave on. You can feel your skin literally soak up as much of the hydration as it needs. A quick wipe with a tissue to get rid of the excess and then you are left with super soft, hydrated skin. I love this, I can';t get through winter without it.

What are your go to skin care products for winter? xx

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