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Friday, 21 December 2012

Advent Door 17 - Look Beauty Berry Vamp Lipstick & Lip Liner

Evening lovelies, final post from me today!

So at the start of the month, I was searching for a vampy, berry lipstick and was very much in love with 107 from Rimmel, however I was sick of it bleeding so I headed off to find a lip liner to match. 

I didn't find one I liked, however I did pick up the lipstick and lip liner from Look Beauty in Berry Vamp. I loved that the colours were perfect, with both being a deep, purple red, perfect for the winter if a tad dark for my pale skin tone.

The formula is very creamy and pigmented of both the lip liner and lipstick - there was no need to apply a lip balm as it didn't dry my lips out.

You can pick these up from Superdrug or online at Look Beauty for £7 for the lipstick and £4 for the liner, well worth the £11 price tag. I'm still searching for a darker lipstick to suit my skin tone, but for now this has satisfied it!

Have you got a better alternative? xx

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  1. Gorgeous winter shade! My nearest Superdrug is about 5 hours away, there's so much I want to try from there lol

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

    Ellie xo
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