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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Advent Door 8 - Lush Father Christmas - Review

Afternoon lovelies,

So I've got a bit (read a lot!) behind with opening my doors, but. I had to step away and focus on work - especially as we had our OFSTED inspection!

So I'm going to try and catch up, maybe even double post each day, so up today we have my new favourite bath bomb.

After the stress of school, I knew I had to relax with a bath and catch up on sleep. So in I threw this cute, huge bath bomb in the shape of the uber cute Father Christmas.

The smell is what initially drew me to this bath bomb, it's really orangey and fruity. After that, who could resist the little face smiling back, and the sheer size of this.

In I popped this, and suddenly green bubbles came billowing out - I was not expecting it to turn my bath green! The bubbles were a bit shorted lived really, so I chucked in some other, none essential bubble bath to give me the bubbles. I thought the green water was cool, until I got in the bath and realised it was full of orange glitter pieces, I literally sat for ages staring at it in the water ( I was incredibly tired at this point!)

I'm kinda gutted I used all of this bomb in one, but for £3.25, I will be stocking up - I might even cut them in half next time to make them last even longer!!

Overall, a great bath bomb, perfectly in keeping with the season, and one I can't recommend enough!! Have you tired it? X

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