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Friday, 21 December 2012

Advent Door 15 - Lush Sandy Santa Review

Morning lovelies, today is a happy day - its finally half term! This has been one very long term, but finally I can get home and celebrate with a warm bath - rock and roll I know!

One of my essentials in a bath at the moment is a good body scrub, and I think this could be possibly the best scrub I have found for a while, even rivalling Soap and Glory.

Sandy Santa is a Santa shaped sugar scrub with a citrus scent. The scrub pieces are quite large and rough, so this isn't something I would recommend if you have sensitive skin, however its great for getting off all of that pesky fake tan!

I love this, you only need a little bit to get a deep clean, however it is incredibly messy, and  a lot of its wasted, especially if it gets damp in the shower.

You can pick these up for £2.95 each and I think they make bath time more fun - what do you think? xx

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