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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Advent Door 11 - VO5 Smoothly Does It

Evening again,

I'm not normally the type to go for super strait hair, I have a long face and so look awful without any texture to my hair! But I was surprised when I reached for this as I wanted strait hair for a day to curl it the next.

I've used products from VO5 before, and when this was Free with last months Cosmo, I knew I would try it at some point.
Smoothly Does It is part of the Gloss Me Smooth range, which is a Shampoo, Conditioner, Creme and Spray. I liked this one as it has heat defence, which I know I really need more of in my life (poor hair!)

I use about 10p sized blob and run this through the mid lengths and ends of my hair before blow drying to help smooth out any kinks and curls that fight back. Using this means I need to use my hair straighteners less, protecting my ombre ends more and helping keep my hair in better condition.

I think I will use this quite a lot over December, it helped to hold my hair straightish so the next day I could curl it really well and left me with semi-messy curls.

I think when this runs out I will pick up another, especially as its less then £4! I'm still on the search for other hair styling products, any other recommendations?

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  1. This looks great, especially for the price! Thanks for the review

    Have a beautiful day



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