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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Advent Door 12 - Look Beauty Pro Palete

Morning lovelies,

I will hold my hands up and admit that I didn't jump at the announcement of the Look beauty range, it just didn't grab me, however I went looking for a berry lipstick recently and picked one up from Look and this caught my eye.

The Pro Palette is great for the Xmas season, especially those of us who are spending this year at the in-laws and so have to pack for quite a few days. 

Made up of 3 individual palettes containing eye colours, lip colours and blush as well as a removable case to pop your choice of pallet in.

The colour choices are really good, with a pallet for any occasion to create a range of looks. I love how pigmented I found the colours, and they last quite well, very similar to the MUA.

The three collections are:

Metallic Nude:

Good for an every day subtle eye, this was easy to use with a range of matte colours with a few a bit more glittery. The blush is lovely peachy colour, nice for a subtle flush. The lip colours are a tad odd, not overly pigmented but still quite nice on the lip.

 The party collection, bright colours with lots of shimmer and glitter. I wouldn't use these as a full eye look but as a liner with a wet brush to really add a pop of definition - the blue is very on trend for next season as well! The blush is a good pinky blush, think running through the snow and you're spot on. A good red lip colour, the silver isn't so wearable though!

60's Trend:


What draws me is the blush and lip colour more then anything - I love the pinky nude lips and the very natural blush. I'm not sure what eye looks to create with this collections, any MUA's that want to help me out then let me know! 

All of this will set you back for the princely sum of £15, which I think is very good for 3 pallets, alternatively if you spend £10 on Look Beauty products, you can pick this up for free! If this tickles your fancy then head over to and have a look!

What do you think - ideal for the Xmas season? How would you use that final palette?


  1. It's quite handy that they all come out so its easier for travelling!

    Leanne @ xxx

  2. Such a great deal, the palette is great value for money. x


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