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Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent Door 2 - Gucci Première Eau de Parfum



Christmas seems to be when I get gifted the most perfume, its an easy gift for people to get so this means that I've ended up with quite a collection . I thought I would go through what I've got and pick out some of my favourites that would make great gifts this year!

First up is Gucci Première. We've all seen the adverts with the GORGEOUS Blake Lively looking stunning in old hollywood glamour. I was kinda hoping that by wearing this I would become Blake, even having her hair would do but sadly I did not :(

I shall do my best to describe the smell, just wish this could be a scratch and sniff style blog to help me out. Première is quite a grown up floral scent, with orange blossom and bergamot. Its a very clean perfume, one that I reach for either when I'm going out, or if I need a bit of kick ass courage for work.

The bottle is gold tinted glass, and it has the traditional Gucci charms.

This is the more high end when it comes to perfume gifts, but if you want a little deal, its actually cheaper to spoil some one and buy this gift wrapped from Boots for £53, or get the same bottle unwrapped for £63.50! Bargain as far as I'm concerned.

Have you tried the Gucci perfume? What do you think of Blake? xx

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  1. What gorgeous packaging! Looks amazing!

    1. It is - I love having this on display in my bathroom!! Xx


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