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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent Door 11 - Christmas Alphabet Tag

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In school at the minute, we're preparing for Christmas and it's got me thinking about using songs for tags. I looked for one like this but couldn't find one, so I've made my own! 

C is for
- Candles. Probably an obvious one but I love using lots of candles at this time of year. My favourite are the Tindra candles from Ikea, so cheap plus they smell amazing.

H is for 
Being at home! I love being at home with my family for Christmas, we have our own traditions that feel odd at the boy's family, I can still be a big kid at home, putting out Santas mince pie (I don't even care that I'm nearly 26!)

R is for
Redecorating for Christmas. I love adding all the Xmas decorations around the flat, the fairy lights around the windows, tinsel on the fireplace and a big wreath on the front door.

I is for
Ice skating. I have no desire to skate, I cannot skate, however there is something about going skating in the winter, getting wrapped up warm and wobbling around like bambi.

S is for
Seeing friends again. I love a long way away from my school friends so its nice to get together over christmas and have a catch up, it hasn't changed since we were 16!

T is for
The tree. I'm one of those people who would put the tree up early if I was allowed. Our tree comes down on the last day of November and it up on the 1st of December - I love having the tree up, it makes the whole flat feel warm and cosy.

M is for
Making things. I love having some time to make and create. I bake, make little gifts, christmas cards, I try and make something new every year - this year I've been baking quite a lot!

A is for
Advent Calendars - the only time it's acceptable to accompany a healthy breakfast with a little square of chocolate. 

S is for
Stocking fillers. My family have a tradition where by Santa puts lots of random things in our stockings as well as our little gifts. One year I ended up with half of the dogs bone, and my sister ended up with the remote to the TV but no batteries. I've carried this tradition over to with my boyfriend and we have a budget for lots of silly little things - I have a set of penguin rubbers and a grow your own penguin from him that sit on the shelf in the spare room! Its just a fun tradition!!

So that is my Christmas Alphabet - lots of things that make christmas for me. I tag everyone that reads this, you can either answer my questions or link to this tag on your blog - I can't wait to read all the answers! xxxx


  1. Great idea hun! I always used to have a stocking when I lived at home one of the things I miss.


  2. This is really cool, I want to do it too :)


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