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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Advent Door 7 - Berry Lip Products

Today I have a fantastic guest post from the lovely Nadja, so read on and prepare to want to spend some money on some seriously berry lip colours! 


Hiya! I am a 23 year old London based Beauty Blogger with a soft spot for shopping, cats and chocolate. These three elements literally rule my life. Oh how my debit card loves me. I give it a lot of love. I run a blog 'Throw me something beautiful' which banters on and on about beauty. So if you’re looking for a new little corner of the internet to hobble around in, you are welcome to mine! Here's hoping I do you guy’s justice with my post today! Let’s get cracking...

It comes to that time of year when the world falls in love with the different shades of berry coating our lips. I love a good jazzed up berry lip. It’s the perfect trend for the colder seasons. Here are a few berry shades that you can pocket for a fair price...

Korres 'Wild Rose' Lip Butter | £6.99 ... Tinting your lips with a delightful pink berry colour, this jazzy number nourishes your lips yet brightens them with a pop of colour. It’s incredibly easy to wear. It’s a fuss free number. No sliding or gliding over your teeth or food. Definitely a winner in my books. One for an on the go sort of girl. 

Revlon 'Raspberry Pie' Lip Butter | £7.99 ... This is a range that has won over everyone's hearts, but now I introduce you to a colour you may have overlooked. This Pink bordering on Purple lip butter oozes beauty. Literally oozing. It’s a staple in my lip closet. It’s been there for some time. It’s a tad more pigmented then the others. It holds a little less transparency but it coats your lips with a beautiful dark pink. It’s definitely a lippy you should check out. You will not be disappointed. 

Revlon 'Crush' Lip Stain | £7.99 ... Another number from Revlon steals the spotlight. It’s a dark plum sort of colour that looks wonderful on. In stick form it may look a bit boring. It’s not. It’s definitely a wonderful creation. It throws a nice sheer wash of purple over your lips, wonderful for the winter season. 

Rimmel '107' Lipstick | £5.49 ... This is a lipstick that I get complimented wearing time and time again. If you’re looking to fish for compliments, this may be the one for you. This is definitely the boldest of the selection. It’s a gorgeous dark purple like red that creates a statement. You will draw attention. It’s just a really lovely deep number for the winter.  This product is definitely a go to of mine. 

Which of these are you besotted with? Feel free to pop on over to my little pocket of the internet. I welcome you all!


 Thank you Nadja so much for the post, I adore berry lips and have been rocking them for the last couple of weeks. If you want more info about Nadja and her gorgeous blog then check out her links here!

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