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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent Door 5 - Christmas Decoration from Next

Christmas Decoration from Next

I am a tad addicted to house decoration at the moment, buying a house will do that to you. I've been browsing Pinterest non-stop at the moment and really want to get into the house as soon as. Sadly I know we won't be in until after Xmas, but that doesn't stop me dreaming of decorating and adding seasonal touches!

Pinterest has given me loads of products from Next recently, I didn't really consider Next as I don't shop there for clothes, but a quick browse of the home catalogue and I can see a lot of my wages being spent here!

I've picked lots of traditional bits, starting with the tartan check curtains. My obsession with tartan is going a bit far but I don't care, I need these curtains in my life.

Next up, a couple of cushions, these are really seasonal, a glittery stag and a Christmas cushion, hello sparkly stag, get on my sofa!  I love the cushion with the text; print cushions are so cute, great gifts for others as well. 

A snuggly, chunky knit throw, this reminds me of the scarf that my grandma has knitted me in previous years, this thrown over the sofa would be awesome, I do have a poorly blankey which is knitted by my nan, but one in cream would be a nice extra touch.

Final touches would be the Christmas bunting, heart baubles and a couple of candles. I like scented candles as well as the large glass jar. I know I could probably make the bunting cheaper, but my craft skills are really not that good! 

I know Next is slightly pricey, but the bits are really cute - now I need to go and decorate my home! Which bits would you pick? Xx

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