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Monday, 9 December 2013

Advent Door 9 - Christmas Socks

I love socks, almost as much as I love nail polish, and what better way to keep war then by wearing Christmas Socks. 

I think they are the forgotten about Christmas Present, we each got a new pack every Xmas from my Godmother. We joked about it at the time, but I miss not getting them now!

I picked up some new socks last weekend from Topshop as they do some good socks, plus they are always on offer for 3 for £8. I couldn't resist the traditional Gingerbread pattern as well as the navy and red version of the fairisle print. I picked up an extra pair for a gift for someone - I think socks should be considered more rock and roll then they are, after all everyone needs socks!

Do you love socks as much as me? Did you get socks for Xmas? xx


  1. I barely use socks but this year even I got myself a few pairs of fun Christmas socks - they really put me in the festive mood :o). Xx

  2. Love those socks, and love socks in general :D I used to get loads all the time from Lasenza when I worked there :)

    Anna xo

  3. Yes spot on! Love the socks you picked up - you can't have enough!


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