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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Make-Up Shake-Up #16

This weeks picks reflect my mood this week - I'm so tired during the week I want to keep it as minimal as possible so this means 5mins longer in bed!

- Garnier 5sec Blur Primer - I need this as my skin is getting oiler & I need to get it back under control again - any tips on a postcard please!

- Rimmel Stay matte Foundation - I like the old formula so this is a new purchase to try & compare for the week, I blame Kat from Jemima & Ted after her review!

- Bobbi Brown Corrector & Creamy Concealer - tiredness = tote bags under the eyes which must be disguised!

- Urban Decay Naked Palette - Multi-tasking brows & eyes, I can't be bothered to faff this week.

- Benefit They'Re Real Mascara - I don't look awake at the moment so this makes my mole eyes look a bit more open!

- Rimmel Stay Blushed - Love this, more in a review this week!

& that's it, liner will be from the Naked Palette & I'm trying to sort my lips back out, already a chapped, cracked mess!! So no lip products this week - boo :(

Oh well, 6 products should buy me a bit more time in bed every morning! Next week I might even try & get it down to 5!!

What bits are you using this week? Xx


  1. Looking forward to your review on the Rimmel Blush as ive been toying with whether or not to buy it xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I love these posts from you, it makes me want to go through my products more often. Alas I don't and I stick with my same old make-up routine, typical me ha-ha

    Have a beautiful day



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