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Monday, 23 September 2013

WIWT - Casual Geeking!

I told you I don't dress up at weekends!! Another weekend outfit & more jeans and a tee! I live in dresses & skirts at work during the week so it's nice to be comfy!

This weekend we saw the boys family as it was his mums birthday, so I threw in green & black acid wash jeans, my Topshop Geek tee & comfy shoes ( I've re-broken two toes so soft shoes are important!)

I love coloured jeans but block colour doesn't look good on my legs so I like these jeans as the black & green is easier to wear, plus I like that their really grungy!

I chucked on my faux leather jacket & my black rucksack to carry all my swag about, really love a good rucksack!

Excuse my wet hair, I'm trying to use less heat on it &; embrace my natural waves but I have to let it dry for ages to do that! 

Anywhoo, hope you had a good weekend - what did you wear this weekend! Xx


  1. Love the jeans! Owch about the toes though! x

  2. I love your hair! also hope your toes get well soon (does that sound odd?!)

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, I love the jacket, and I hope your toes heal quickly!

    Have a beautiful day



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