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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Make-Up Shake-Up #14

So I took a break from shopping my stash for the summer, really I just became lazy and didn't mix it up too much. However, now I'm back to work I'm back wearing makeup again so I've picked a new range.

SEVENTEEN Photoflawless Primer - Still using this up, the change in weather is playing havoc with my skin so a primer is needed.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB - Loving this as the moment, I don't need loads of coverage, but it leaves a nice finish.

Benefit It Stick - It's a concealer, I quite like this for under eyes as its quite a creamy concealer but doesn't settle.

Benefit Browzing - LOVE, I'm planning on getting this used up this year, loving my brows at the moment, especially coupled with the next product.

Collection Clear Mascara - Brushed through the brows, this gives a bit of texture and keeps them in place.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara & Maybelline Great Lash - This combo is amazing, Rimmel on the top for length and definition and Maybelline on the bottom as the brush is tiny so coats every lash without smudging under the eyes.

Laura Mercier Cream Eyeliner - A lot easier to work with then gel, I love this, plus its brown so a lot softer than black.

Rimmel Stay Blushed Cheek Tint - This is new but having played with it today I think I'm going to enjoy this. 

Rimmel Apocolips 'Nova' - I'm trying to wear more lip products every day and the Apocolips are sitting in my collection un-loved so time to wear them again!

So there we have it, the bit and bobs that are in my make-up bag this week, have you used any of them? Anything you fancy a review of? xx

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