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Friday, 25 May 2012

A whole lot of hauling - Primark

Evening lovelies, hope your well. So at the weekend, I posted the first part of my recent hauling, well here is the second part, there is a third part to follow as well :)

I've picked up a few bits, but I need a revamp to my work wear for the summer - just need the sun to come out now!

 I have a black dip hem skirt that I love and will post about soon that I want to wear for school and fell in love with this top. It's actually very see through, but I think with a flesh coloured top underneath it will actually look of, tucked in to that skirt or any other black skirt that I own. I love that its only £8.00, which is a real bargain.

The necklace is another gorgeous heavy metal one from Primark, and for only £4 it would have been rude not to pick it up!

I love the digital watercolour print on this top - I plan to wear this quite casually with again my black cross over skirt again, denim jacket and either my wedge boots, flip flops or my new wedges from Topshop (will show you soon) Its very see through so again I'm thinking flesh colour top underneath as no one wants to see my nude torso :(

Another £4.00 Primark collar that I've seen a few bloggers rocking, 'join the club' springs to mind.

Finally I picked up this off white/grey shirt with contrasting black collar and these cute collar tips. It was the tips that drew me to it. Had I known it would crease quite this much then I might not have picked it up, but nothing a good iron can't fix!

So there we go, another haul, just in time to enable you all at the weekend! xx


  1. Hi

    I am a new follower.

    I too love Primark its fab, great buys esp the mint blouse x

  2. That mint green.aqua shirt looks lovely! VLL xo

  3. Great buys. I absolutely adore the mint top & necklace x

  4. Ooo I've just finished my first year of uni training to be a primary teacher. Your the first person I've come across who also a primary teacher how exciting :)

    Cute blog also :)



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