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Saturday, 5 May 2012

14 Weeks Until Summer - 4 weeks in

Afternoon lovelies - hope your enjoying your Saturday :)

I thought I would give this a few weeks before I did an update, so I'm now a month in - 4 weeks have passed and I'm quite pleased with how it's going!

Weight loss - 4lbs
Dress Size - 14 on top and 14/16 on the bottom, but jeans are looser!

Thighs: Was 26.5inch Now 25.5inch
Bum: Was 44.5inch Now 44inch
Hip: Was 42inch Now 41inch
Waist: Was 34.5inch Now 32inch
Arms: Was 13inch Now 12.5inch

Exercise Routine
Spinning - Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
BodyJam - Thursday

I'm going to add in 2 extra sessions of Jam on a Friday and a Saturday, as well as buying myself a kettle bell set and using that cause I need to start toning more now!

I'm still following Weight Watchers, with 33 points a day, however I struggle to eat that much. I find that I'm better eating a bigger meal at lunch and then a small meal in the evening as I often don't get to eat until late during the week so a salad suits me just fine :)

I'm quite pleased with how things are going, it's the inch loss I'm most pleased with. From today I'm going to start wearing my HotPant more, I now have 3pairs, 2 HotPants and a new pair of Capri Flares which I won :D so I can't wait to see what a difference these make, I will write a post on them in 2 weeks as part of the 2week challenge!

So, 10 weeks to go, fingers crossed I don't lose any motivation! How are you all getting on with your summer e, are you just starting or part way through!

Let me know! Xx


  1. go you! amazing progress indeed! Keep it up :D

  2. Good luck with all the exercise. I have been doing running but haven't been for a few days so I must get back onto it in the morning.


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