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Monday, 28 May 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #19

Hola lovelies, hope your weekends been great, out enjoying the sunshine - I've watched it from the flat most of the day!

- The weather! Finally we get the summer we want, I love this so much, even if my fair skin hates me for it. I have two skin colours: white and lobster red, it's very rare for me to build a natural tan. Never mind though as the sun makes everyone feel better , I know I'm always in a great mood at the moment :D

- Saturday we went and bought a new baby hamster! It's been nearly a year since our last one died and I haven't felt ready for a new one but we saw her in Pets at Home and the moment she stood on her back legs and looked up, I fell for her. She's called Oreo because she's all black with a white stripe down her belly. She's so noisy already, swinging from the bars and chewing - cant wait for a cuddle!

- The warm weather means less make up! My skin always improves in the summer, and I can go back to just wearing a bit of tinted moisturiser - need to rebut my YouRebel from Boots as I'm nearly all out but this stuff is amazing :)

- It's nearly half term :) one week to go until a full week off work - I'm excited even though I know I will be in school quite a lot any way :(

- Went exploring around where we lived today. It was so nice to get out, plus the weather was great and we walked for ages! Took some nice pictures as well as being a bit silly!
- We're still on high alert at school, waiting for this inspection, hopefully it will be this week do we get it out of the way!

So there you have it, my week. How was yours? Xx


  1. Hi Sarah, got here from the Monday Blog Hop. You've got a really cute blog and I'm your latest follower =)

    We did tons of walking, gardening, and tons more EATING out!!! So really bad. Plus, we extended our day off to today. Woohoo =)

    P.S. Oreo is way too cute!

  2. Hi I have just found your blog and it's very cute :) I am like you and have very pale skin and do not tan but I love the sun and it cheers me up!

    Tanesha x


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