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Saturday, 26 May 2012

16 Weeks until summer Challenge - half way point

Afternoon lovelies, so today marks 8weeks until the summer holiday as well as the half way point of this challenge.

It's scary how quickly time has flown, school is still crazy, the wet lather has plunged us into depths of winter and then thrown us straight into an incredibly early summer.

With the change in weather, I find it easier to eat better - I crave salad and cold meals, don't want lots of stodgy foods and have more motivation to exercise.

So these last four weeks, I've really stuck to the diet, ramped up the exercise and actually had some results

Weight loss: 8.5lbs total
Dress Size 14 in top, 14/16 on bottom but more towards the 14 :)

Thighs: Starting - 26.5inch Current - 25inch - 1.5inch difference
Bum: Starting - 44.5inch    Current - 43inch - 1.5inch difference
Hip: Starting - 42inch      Current - 40inch - 2inch difference
Waist:Starting - 34.5inch   Current - 31.5inch - 3inch difference
Arms: Starting - 13inch     Current - 12.5inch - 0.5 difference

I never actually blogged my bust measurement but I started at 36.5 and now I'm down to 34inchs! 

Total inch loss - 8.5inchs all together!

I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment, I feel like I've really pushed myself and am seeing the reward - I have a bigger meal at lunch time ad then a small meal in the evening, plus lots of water (8pint glasses - ooops!)

I'm trying to add more gym sessions to my routine, as well as more walking. I'm also considering signing up for the Palace to Palace Bike race in October for the Princes Trust, I hope training for that will give me a boost.

Added to this, I'm loving fitness magazines at the moment, I adore Women's Fitness for great at home workouts, Weight Watchers for the amazing recipes and Zest is just a great read. I still spend a lot on magazines, but these ones I tear out workouts or things I like and stick them in my fitness book for when I need some inspiration when I'm reaching for the biscuit tin!

So how are you getting on, 8 weeks left until the summer holidays, are you on target or do you need a bit of a boost?



  1. go you! that is an amazing achievement! Youre right, it is so much easier to eat more healthily in the summer when it's warm!

  2. thank you - its been really hard but actually put on shorts (knee length) and their looser then last year!!!

  3. I really want to loose some weight I have 1,5 month until my holiday, so I need to work hard. Well done with your lost inches. x

  4. Wow you are doing so well. I am the world's worse dieter! x

  5. I tried to tone up my abs for summer but I managed about 3 days of situps before I forgot/got bored. I am useless at exercising! x


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