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Sunday, 6 May 2012

This Weeks Up & Down #16

Evening all, so nice that I'm not at work tomorrow!!


- Thank God for Payday - this means I did some serious shopping this weekend, I'll post that haul soon.

- Good Observations at school, had a surprise observation which I hate but it turned out ok thankfully :)

- Starting to embrace my skin a bit more, after weeks I split personality, it's finally calmed down and I'm not having to mix up quite as many concoctions!


- Never enough money for all the things I want :( one of the problems with blogging is the lack of money for things, but spending a lot of time window shopping on blogs.

- Work is stressful, we're tired, the kids are tired, and we have 4weeks to go until half term :(

- Still fighting the scales, think this will always happen, but things are moving slowly, just hope I haven't undone all my good work this weekend!

So there's my week, an up and down one but not as bad as last week, plus my week in pictures as well!

How was your week? Xx

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  1. I'm so glad I've got tomorrow off too! You're right about the kids being tired - not long til half-term though really, hopefully it'll speed by! xx


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